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Tips on How to pause Tamagotchi?

Tamagotchi is a virtual pet that you can adopt. Instead of your smartphone, you have to hold it in your hand, which is your specialty. But, we have to admit that there are disadvantages to it too. For example, not allowing you to pause the pet is a fact you must consider. Let’s see what we can do with that. Here are the tips on How to pause Tamagotchi?

How to pause Tamagotchi

You must be searching for a way to pause the Tamagotchi as there is no specific way to pause the pet. Since the battery is darning quickly and you want to respect your privacy, you might want that.

  • First, you must press the B button, which allows you to enter the cock. Now you are on the clock and must press A + C together. After that, you will see that the Hour Clock is ticking, which means you have just put the pet into pause mode.
  • Your pet will remain still until you return, and you must turn the ticking hour clock off as soon as you want your pet. This is the only way to put your pet into pause mode. But, removing the batteries and putting the plastic strip in between the batteries are some more options. But, they are not for pausing your pet but turning it off completely.

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