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How to add friends on Osu?

Osu is a music game developed by Dean “peppy.” Although you can enjoy it for up to hours, you might not be aware that you can enjoy the game with your friends and play online. This small guide will help you with that. Here is the guide to How to add friends on Osu?

How to add friends on Osu

  • As the first thing, you must know that “Adding Friends on to Osu” is a two-way process. It means your friends must accept what you choose to do. If they agree only, you will be able to play with your fields. But they don’t have to be your friends on Osu either.
  • When adding friends, you must go to their website and choose them. Also, you may select them in the game by clicking on their name. 
  • In the multiplayer lobby, you get to add any number of friends to the list, and all you have to do is to create a new lobby. After finding the planter of the game, you may right-click on the person’s name and then invite. If the gamer likes, they will play with you.
  • The messaging is also allowing you to add players online. You may type /add friend <user> in the chat, and the player will be added instantly.

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