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How to cancel a fashion nova order? And more FAQs

As one of the most elegant fashion-providing platforms, Fashion Nova is famous for delivering orders to your doorstep within the least time. This article will answer some of the FAQs you have regarding the orders of Nova Fashion.

How to cancel a fashion nova order

You must proceed to the Order that you have made. In that Order, there is a box that allows you to +cancel the Order. If you are trying to cancel the Order within the very first 02 hours, you will be able to cancel it through the cancel order option.

How can I cancel an order which is just a couple of hours away?

You must know that you cannot cancel the Order when it is almost at your doorstep. You can ask for refund. It will take a few days to get the refund.

How much longer does Fashion Nova take to refund a canceled order?

Usually, they take 2-5 days to process a refund.

Do I get a fine on Fashion Nova if I cancel an order?

No, you don’t have to pay a fine fee as the cancellation cost. You get not only to cancel but edit and add coupons and various changes to your Order for free. But, you must do that before the Order is processed.

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