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How to get off the smell of weed?

Among the shameful things in the world, as people admit, the use of weed is crucial. Although how much enjoyment you may take, the shame can’t hide that. The best way to get fun with weed is to hide what you do. That is not just because it is shameful, but you may get imprisoned. Like little things matter, you must start from the simplest things, such as hiding the weed smell from you.

How to get off the smell of weed

You must have a fresh breath as the first thing. If you use a proper refresher, that will be better. No one will suspect you if it contains peppermint or any other natural substance.

The very next concern has not to be given to your body. If you can use synthetic fragrances or a body deodorant, it will help you avoid the weed smell.

The use of incense, cleaning the surfaces using strong odor spreading agents, using a candle, exhaling into a spoof, using an air freshener, opening windows and fans, using an air purifier, and keeping a baking soda in the car are some of the other options you may take as well.

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Kalana Dhananjaya
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