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The top 05 free VR tours available on Meta Quest 2

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore the world without paying? Connect yourself with virtual reality and its adventures to travel the world with globe-spanning apps. It will be far more interesting with its free availability. 

Follow along with the article to get detailed information about the best 5 free VR tours on Meta Quest 2. Wander through your virtual world by yourself, with peers, or with strangers for free! This article will provide you with reliable information for your VR journey. 

We have gathered information from authentic sources, including,, and Read through the entire article to find your free adventure.

National Geographic VR on Meta Quest 2

Do you want to be in Machu Pichu or Antarctica for free? Then pack your virtual bags and get National Geographic VR on Meta Quest 2. This comes with the feature of photogrammetric duplicates of natural landscapes to give you an authentic experience. You can travel as a photographer to two destinations, capturing all the heartfelt moments.

Travel through raging snowstorms and navigate around icebergs in Antarctica. Count all the monuments, and feel free to vibe around the digital constructions at Machu Pichu. Don’t forget to capture the most iconic moments for National Geographic Magazine. Get the whole travel package for free without leaving your house.

National Geographic VR comes with a mission for all photographers out there. It’s not just a room-scale landscape portrayal but a thrilling adventure with epic locations. Click here for additional details.  

Atlas Obscure VR on Meta Quest 2

“Atlas Obscure VR is a brilliantly captured, high-fidelity, self-paced virtual travel experience, unlike anything you have seen before.” Even though the entire package is not given away for free, it is worth checking out the free trials, which include “The Temples of Human Kind,” since it’s an experience you can never imagine. Additionally, grab the first season of the whole catalog entirely free.  

Season one includes three mind-blowing locations; Winchester House in the USA, the Temples of Damanhur in Italy, and the salt mines of Salina Turda in Romania. This is an adventure and a mission with fascinating stories and gems that will transfer you to more special locations. Book your first stop in the virtual Italian countryside.

Free up your space on the device, download the Atlas Obscure app for free, and cope with the available free trials. Click here for further information and additional details. 

Gala360 VR on Meta Quest 2

Are you willing to travel and relax simultaneously without physically changing your location? Meta Quest 2 has developed the best solution with Gala360’s 5K 360-degree relaxation videos and several significant tours. The app is not entirely free, but most tours are free, and payment is involved only if you want to unlock more locations.

Evolve the world with 6K resolution 360 photos and more than 300 different tours. All the navigations are guided, and professional photographers promote the tour destinations. You only have to dig deep into the realistic virtual world. You can play alone or collaborate with your friends to travel around seriously, even for educational purposes.

All the tours are labeled as hotspot tours with a foot icon, fictional or storytelling tours with a narration icon, and stereoscopic tours with a 3D icon. Click here for further details and to take advantage of the free tours available.

YouTube VR on Meta Quest 2

It’s time to explore your YouTube world by being within it virtually. Meta Quest 2 has been entangled with a unique collaboration that allows you to interact with 360-degree videos by involving yourself within them. It’s an AI-based tour where you can switch to any video you prefer to experience the thrill from inside.  

YouTube VR uses spatial audio to give an authentic experience, even with sound effects measuring depth. Meet any creator or artist for free just by being in your home. Roam around your favorite YouTube videos by yourself, immersed in a 3D world. Grab your chance to experience your favorite videos in VR. Click here for additional details.  

YouTube VR On Meta Quest 2
YouTube VR On Meta Quest 2

Horizon Worlds VR on Meta Quest 2

Beyond diving entirely within reality, be creative to explore meta-horizon worlds. Meta Quest 2 is available in a virtual world where you can socialize yourself completely for free. Cooperate with your metaverse members and make new friends, play alone or collaborate with your friends to travel around the metaverse.

You can explore, play, and create your own experiences with your friends. Besides traveling around the virtual world, you can create your own if you are willing to. Grab your chance to travel around and socialize yourself for free. Click here to get additional details.

Horizon Worlds VR On Meta Quest 2

Other than the above globe-spanning apps, Meta Quest 2 is equipped with many more. Even though it’s paid or free, it is worth sharing a moment with virtual reality in the 21st century. Grab your chance to explore more free apps and levels on Meta Quest 2. Visit this page to explore more about VR tours on Meta Quest 2. For further information, go through Meta quest twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.   


Can you take virtual tours on Meta Quest?

Yes you can enjoy virtual tours on Meta quest 2

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