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Cooking Stimulator VR on Meta Quest 2 | All things you should know within 3 minutes 

Have you ever assumed what it is like to get a life-like cooking experience from a virtual background? Meta Quest 2 has launched a realistic kitchen for all likely to become the ultimate chef in VR. Cooking Stimulator VR is now Available on Meta Quest 2, equipped with all kinds of stands for a fine dining experience.  

This article will give all the information you need about “cooking stimulation” on meta quest 2. We have gathered all the data from reliable sources, including;,, and To learn more, stay in touch with the entire article.

What is Cooking Stimulator VR on Meta Quest 2? 

It’s time to become the ultimate chef in VR with a life-like experience. Since the Cooking Stimulator is equipped with all the utensils you need, like pans, plates, pots, blenders, knives, and many more. Additionally, the player can freely manage their equipment with their VR hands in a lively manner.  

The game’s countertops include over 140 different ingredients and a range of spices for additional flavor. You can get a realistic experience with the life physics applied to it. The game is induced with AI, where the player gets a reaction for every action that is performed while playing, like sizzling effects, temperature change, appearance, and so on.  

Additionally, the player can feel a different resistance for each action through the VR controllers. You can master your skills virtually once you learn the cooking mechanics. The game’s real effect is enhanced when it becomes progressive with practice. Accordingly, grab your chance to play with advanced cooking mechanics. Read the following section to get additional details.

Cooking Stimulator VR’s ratings are as follows, according to the verified owners of the app.

Additional details on Cooking Stimulator VR.

ModeSingle user
DeveloperGameBoom VR
Publisher Big Cheese Studio, PlayWay S.A.
Released Date29th July 2021 
Supported PlatformsQuest 2Meta Quest Pro
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
Privacy PolicyClick here to view

Key Features of Cooking Stimulator VR 

• Over 80 recipes are available

• Over 140 realistic ingredients

• A range of spices and herbs for extra flavor

• Realistic physics

• Real-time virtual responses

• Touch controllers through simulation

• Lifelike resistance related to the sense of touch implemented through haptics within the VR controllers

• Career and sandbox modes

• Slow motion available (Slow motion effect on sandbox too)

• A range of skills to unlock

• Introduction with a step-by-step guideline

• Increasing complexity

• Freezing features

• A flawless realistic and advanced cooking mechanics

How to purchase Cooking Stimulator VR 

Click here to Purchase Cooking Simulator VR. Important: This game requires a virtual reality headset.  

System requirements for Cooking Stimulator VR 

Storage: 8GB available space

Requirement: VR headset is required. Memory: 8GB RAM

OS: 32- or 64-bit windows 7 onwards

Processor: Intel Core i5-7600 or AMD equivalent or greater

DirectX: Version 11

Cooking simulator VR is a real-time, realistic cooking experience equipped with advanced techniques and all aspects important in cooking. It can be a satisfying cooking experience with multiple features of your choice. Grab your turn to master your skills as a chef with Cooking Stimulator VR. For further information, go through Meta quest twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.   


Where can you play Cooking Stimulator VR?

Cooking Stimulator VR is available on Meta Quest 2.

Can you play Cooking Stimulator VR for free?

No, you must purchase the version on the Oculus store.

How much is the quest 2 version of Cooking Stimulator?

The quest 2 version will be available for $24.99 on the Oculus store.

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