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Is it worth buying the most expensive app on Meta Quest 2 ?| Fetal Heart VR 2.0 complete guide

Have you ever considered what is the most expensive app on Meta Quest 2? It is none other than ‘Fetal Heart VR,’ which comes in as a self-teaching tool. This is the most expensive app available on Meta Quest 2, promoting an extensive idea of 14 congenital heart defects.  

This article will provide information on what it is, how much it costs, and whether it is worth buying fetal heart VR on Meta Quest 2. In writing this article, we have gathered reliable information from,, and If you are interested in medicine simulation with VR, keep in touch with the entire article.

Key takeaways

  • Fetal Heart VR is specifically designed featuring with the medical field.
  • This app costs 240$, making it the most expensive app available in Meta Quest 2.
  • Fetal Heart VR allows you to identify 14 different congenital heart diseases with ultrasound scanning and so on.

What is Fetal Heart VR?

For all who are looking for educational content in VR, the Fetal Heart self-learning app can be the best companion. It is a medical simulation app that promotesgeometry, anatomy, and functions of congenital heart diseases.’ This app will allow you to make ultrasound scans on realistic, abnormal, and normal heart models.

This app goes with a comparison between a healthy fetal heart and 14 possible congenital heart diseases;

  Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)

  Transposition of the Great Arteries (dTGA, ITGA)

  Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS MS-AA, HLHS MAAA)

  Critical Aortic Stenosis (CritAS)

  Atrio-Ventricular Septal Defect (AVSD, uAVSD)

 •   Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV) and more.

However, this app costs approximately 240 $ making it the most expensive app available on Meta Quest 2. But this app was specifically created for the medical world. So, for physicians and sonographers who are studying at medical universities, this is the best option to replace expensive prenatal simulators.

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Fetal Heart VR’s ratings are as follows, according to the verified owners of the app.

Is it worth purchasing Fetal Heart VR on Meta Quest 2?

You must be wondering whether it’s worth paying 240$ for the most expensive application on Quest 2. The answer will be yes if you are in the medical field. It is one of the unique apps that allows you to do an ultrasound and look at fetal heart conditions to determine whether they are affected by any congenital heart disease as early as you possibly can.

Even though one might argue that it is not worth the hype, It has been rated as one of the best apps created on behalf of the medical world. It is because ultrasound training, in reality, is much more expensive compared to the app. This can be a personal and affordable platform for all physicians and sonographers studying at medical universities.  

Additionally, to increase the app’s quality and “enhance the immersion,” there are separate accessories designed for this game, like Quest controllers that are designed like ultrasound tools, belly-shaped phantoms, and specifically adapted VR controllers. Thus, this game is considered worth its price due to its quality configuration.

Read the next section to find out the additional details.

Fetal Heart VR

Additional details.

ModeSingle user
GenreEducational, Medicine, Simulation
DeveloperMWU Software
Publisher MWU 3D Models z.o.o
Released Date21st June 2021 
Supported PlatformsQuestQuest 2Meta Quest Pro
Version 2.04
Required space255 MB
Privacy PolicyClick here to view
Developer terms of serviceClick here to view
Refund PolicyClick here to view

Key Features of Fetal Heart VR on Meta Quest 2?

• Internet connection not required

• Ultrasound scanning

• Includes a healthy fetal heart

• Virtual fetal screening scanners are included

• Inclusive of identifying 14 congenital heart diseases

• Expanded based on 20-years expertise of tertiary center physicians from Poland’

• Promotes cross sections with the guidelines from certain scientific societies (AIUM, ISUOG, ASE)

How to purchase Fetal Heart VR

Click here to purchase app on Meta Quest 2. This is also available in the App Lab.

Final impression on Fetal Heart VR 

Even though the It costs 240 dollars, it is worth buying the app due to its unique features. It’s a highly rated medical and educational app for those who are willing to explore more about congenital heart diseases. According to customer ratings, this app is worth buying for its price.  

For further information, go through Meta Quest Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


1.  What is the most expensive app available on Meta Quest 2?

Fetal Heart VR, which costs 240 $.

2.  What is Fetal Heart VR specifically for?

Fetal heart VR is a medical training app developed featuring the medical field under educational content. 

3.  Is Fetal Heart VR a simulation app?

Yes, it is an app that allows you to fully simulate through ultrasounds and scanning. 

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