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How to win at Cup Pong? 

Cup Pong is a game for two players, which is a triangle of 10 beer-containing cups at each end of a table. Players can score by bouncing or tossing a ping-pong ball into the opponent’s cups. When the ball goes into the cup, that player must drink the cup and remove it. How to win at Cup Pong?

Throwing a ball into a cup will earn you one point. Try to aim for most cups so that for every successful throw you can gain additional throws. 

Cups placed in the middle are the easiest points you can gain. So in the beginning, aim for the middle cups very first. It wants a minimum aiming and they are in front of you directly. 

Before throwing the ball remember to preview your throw and check your aim.

Try to aim at the area with the largest number of cups. Aim for the ball in the direction of most cups for the best shot.

These are some tips to improve your technique which help to increase your chances of winning Cup Pong. Try to gain as many points as possible as you can as early as possible.

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