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How to measure 150ml of water?

By today to measure the volume of a liquid, there are many devices or specific equipment. Such as measuring cups and spoons, burette, graduated cylinders, syringes and pipettes, volumetric flasks, etc. But the method of measuring a liquid depends on the use of that liquid like in methods in the kitchen differs from industrial and scientific use. Here is how to measure 150ml of water. 

The standard unit of measuring volume is Cubic Meter(cm3), which is specifically shown as Litre(L). Millilitre(ml) is a subunit which is 1000ml equals 1L. Because your need is to measure 150ml of water, other than these you can measure by using kitchen scales like teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, etc.

Easily you can measure using a cup which means 1 measuring cup volume of 200ml and 2 tablespoons. So 2/3 of a cup is equal to 150ml.

If you are without a measuring cup, what’s the solution for this? You can easily measure with tablespoons instead of a measuring cup. The volume of a tablespoon is 15ml. So you can measure 150ml of water with 10 tablespoons. 

Even by a syringe, you can measure 150ml of water. I think it’s the most accurate way to measure the exact amount you need.

Other than these methods, you can use an empty vessel the volume is 50ml 3 times to get the measurement of 150ml of water.

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