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Do you know How to measure 200 ml of water? This is how you can do it quickly.

You must have your reasons for measuring 200ml of water. For example, if you are a person who suffers from dehydration, then you will need to measure and drink to overcome your condition. A 200ml water cup is a perfect solution. But, how can you measure 200ml of water?

This is How to measure 200 ml of water.

  • Once you find out the amount, you may mark it in a cup that you can use. 
  • The tea mug is the best way to measure 200ml of water. Although it contains 300ml of water, you can easily fill two third of it to have 200ml.
  • Weighing the water is another good way. You may use a balance to weigh 200g, which exactly matches 200ml of water. After putting up a mark on the filling line, you will be able to keep it as a measurement. 
  • Two tablespoons contain 25ml of water. If you add 16 tablespoons into a cup, that will create a cup made of 200ml of water.
  • If you use the Plastic Measuring Cup 250ml, you will be able to see the exact amount as there is an index.

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