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How to move a Wardrobe without dismantling it?

The wardrobe is often heavy and large which is very inconvenient to move. Do you want to move your Wardrobe? So you can easily remove the clothes, other items, shelves and drawers in the wardrobe. Dismantle your Wardrobe and move to where you need it. If you want to know how to move your Wardrobe without dismantling it, are there methods to do it?

First of all empty the Wardrobe by removing clothes and shelves to make it lighter. You can lift your Wardrobe with some helpers. But if you are alone, can you move Wardrobe yourself? 

So, another way is sliding along the floor. But it may scratch and damage your floor. For this, a solution is furniture slides. Keep four furniture slides which are suitable for your Wardrobe under the legs of it. You can easily move your Wardrobe effectively. 

But if you are without furniture slides, is there a solution for this also? Exactly yes, take your bathroom carpet and flip it over, so that the fuzzy side is down you can slide it around wherever you need to move. 

Hopefully, this will make your Wardrobe relocation simpler and safer.

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Kalana Dhananjaya
Kalana Dhananjaya
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