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How to put out a Tiki Torch without a cap?

Tiki Torch is a pole-mounted torch which is made of bamboo and a way the light up the night or dark and it makes your outdoor space a beautiful paradise. And due to the release of citronella oil, Tiki Torches are effective to reduce the presence of mosquitoes around. TIKI® Brand torches are designed to burn for about 3 hours.

How to put out a Tiki Torch? Place the snuffer cap over the wick and leave it in place until the flame goes out. After that remove it to allow the wick to cool down.

If you are without a cap? Are there ways to put out a Tiki Torch without a cap? Exactly yes, there are some ways to put out a Tiki Torch without a cap.

Some people use a pot of water on the fire or a pot of boiling water and a disposable lighter to put to the Tiki Torch.

Some people use a gas canister to put out the torch.

Another way is to put a piece of Aluminium foil over the wick and place the torch on top. As well as by putting an upside-down ashtray on the flame, you can put out the Tiki Torch. 

Propane torches can be shut off manually and do not require a cap. By using a candle snuffer you can snuff out the flame. However, Tiki Torches stand out as a smart choice to decorate your outdoor space.

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