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How to wake someone up on FaceTime?

If somebody is face time with you has fallen asleep, also if you want to wake up that person you should know how to wake up someone on face time nicely and kindly. Here are some tips for it.

Covering and uncovering the camera repeatedly you can cause the screen to be dark and light up again and again. But it’s a method that will work where if they are in light sleep. It is a method to wake up them without hanging up. 

If you think to wake them up probably, the most effective way is to hang up and call their phone number to ring their phone. Until they wake up, you might try it several times. Because the facetime call has been disconnected, you will not able to get back to them until they wake up. 

Another effective and successful method is to talk about topics in which they are most interested. It is because even when they are asleep, the brain will still process everything by still listening to things that you are saying. 

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Kalana Dhananjaya
Kalana Dhananjaya
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