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How to print on Frosted cups?

Frosted cups are a great product which is available in a wide range of sizes and designs. Also, Frosted cups are ideal gifts to show interest in someone special to you. Print whatever you want and making a unique creation is easy now. You can print any design, birthday wishes, logos, etc. Most people don’t know how to print on Frosted cups. Here we’ll look at how to do plastic cup printing. 

I will share how to create designs with spray paint yourself easily. First, take a contact paper and outline your design. Cut out the pattern. Now try to attach the contact paper to the plastic cup.

If you want to protect any areas that would not paint, use masking tape for that. Spray the pattern with spray paint and keep it dry.

Advances in modernization are that, there are machines like 05-767-1C plastic cup printing machine, 3 colour cylindrical printing machine, 0S-400S plastic printing machine to plastic printing industrially.

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Kalana Dhananjaya
Kalana Dhananjaya
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