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Do you know how to make super glue dry faster?

Among the earliest problems related to humankind, making things faster is crucial. If you want to know how to make super glue dry faster, these 05 tips will help you.

how to make super glue dry faster?

  • Increasing the drying process is capable of speeding the drying. You may use a hairdryer for this or put the objects in a well-ventilated place as well.
  • If you can clear the surfaces that belong to the binding objects, the superglue will act pretty fast. You may wipe out the dust and then create rough surfaces to have a better action as well.
  • The addition of another superglue layer is the next step. Before you add superglue, you must add a thin layer on one of the surfaces. In this layer, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of the gluing process as well.
  • You must keep the surfaces together while the glue sets the surfaces. Putting up a weight on them, holding by the hand, and you may follow any convenient method.
  • The addition of baking soda is another solution. You may use baking soda while adding the superglue to the objects. This is a process that increases the temperature as well. Therefore, you must be careful as well. 

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