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How to make a coffee using an electric kettle?

The electric kettle is an electric kitchen appliance with a self-contained heating unit, specialized for using to boil water most commonly to make tea, coffee and other beverages. Are you in need of making a coffee to drink? And don’t you have a coffee maker? So then how do you make a coffee using your electric kettle? 

The simplest way is here to make a coffee using an electric kettle. First, you should measure the amount of water in a cup which you need to make the coffee. So then open the lid and pour water into it. Make sure that power is still off of the kettle. Close the lid and switch on it. The bulb will light as red indicating water is heating.

Add sugar as you want to your cup. If you like to make the coffee taste milky, add milk powder as your desire. And now add the coffee powder as your taste if you want a strong coffee or a light coffee.

By now you can hear the signal of water boiling. Switch off the electric kettle and pour hot water into your cup. Stir it to mix the ingredients well and now you can taste your coffee.

Most kettles are made only for boiling water. So if you wish to put coffee into the electric kettle, it may cause damage to your kettle. It may retain the nuanced flavours after being boiled water again. You also may burn the coffee and make it bitter. So the above method is the simplest and recommended way to make a great coffee using an electric kettle.

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Kalana Dhananjaya
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