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How to learn Marshallese?

Marshallese is the official language of the Marshall Islands. The Marshallese language is also known as Ebon. This article refers to how to learn Marshallese.

Marshallese shows the closest linguistic relationship to the other Micronesian language including Chuukese, Gilbertese, Korean, Nauruan and Pohnpeian. Marshallese is spoken by about 61000 people.

Now it’s sharing some great ideas on how to learn and speak Marshallese. First, you should know the basics. Let’s start with the alphabet. Learn how to pronounce letters and write too. Once you can pronounce letters, you’ll be able to pronounce words.

Knowing how to count is very important. To learn how to count. Also, memorise as simple vocabulary yourself as possible. 

In the adventure of learning Marshallese, the next step is to learn some basic conversational phrases like “hello”, “thank you”, “please” etc. 

Next, read Marshallese language guides like Practical Marshallese.

Another effective way is to use online vocabulary helps. ‘Live Lingua’ brings you Marshallese lessons online 100% free. Also ‘Beginner Marshallese’ is an app which you can learn the Marshallese language simply.

Use the Marshallese– English online dictionary to look up words you don’t know. And also learn to use the ‘Naan dictionary’. Search for it and download it. ‘Memrise’ is an online platform where people do language learning courses. Using it is an additional help to you to learn Marshallese.

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