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How to know if someone’s phone is dead? 

Usually, a mobile phone is declared as dead when there is no possibility of being repaired. Other than that some other hardware issues, the battery not working due to dropping the phone down on a hard surface, getting wet, and battery charge has become zero are multiple reasons. If you are in a situation where you want to know if someone’s phone is dead, what would you do? 

First, you should do is call the person. If their phone is off, this is a good indication you get at the beginning that their phone may be dead. By trying to send messages you can know whether the messages were delivered. If you know how much time it takes to send a message between the two phones usually, this can be also helpful to know the person’s phone is dead when your sent message takes longer than usual.

Sometimes there would be issues with your phone and also if your number is blocked it might prevent you from contacting that person. So you should try calling that person from another phone. 

You can also check the person’s social media accounts whether they have been online recently. If you can’t find any recent activity, their phone may be dead.

Finally, you can keep trying on calling their family or friends asking whether that person is available and their phone status and confirm that person’s phone is dead.

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