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The story of “That tall family”(wiki, age, height, facts)

That tall family is the family that named themselves the tallest family on the internet. Because of that, they are getting viral all over social media, especially on TikTok in the last few weeks. In this article, we are going to discuss about “That tall family.”

Who are That tall family? 

That Tall Family” is the tallest family on the internet who are natively from McDonough, Georgia. This family comprises six members: their father; Rob Clark, and mother; Rachelle Clark, and their children; Carter, Abby, Avery, and Luke. They are not the tallest family in the world but are famous as the internet’s tallest family since, altogether, their height calculates nearly up to 36 feet

The Tall Family members are all content creators and social media influencers. In addition, Rob Clark is consulting on marketing. He is the second tallest member of the family. Rachelle Clark, Rob’s partner since college, is now a mother of four children. She and her daughter Abby consider themselves to have the shortest genes in the family. Carter Clark is the eldest son and the tallest member of “That Tall Family”. He is studying in 12th grade and is a basketball and volleyball player. Abby Clark is an 11th grader. She is also a basketball player and its leading scorer. Avery Clark is an 8th grader but the tallest girl in “That Tall Family” and is a basketball player like her elder siblings. Luke William Clark is the youngest and is a 5th grader

Ages and height of members 

Name Age Height 
Rob Clark45 years old6’6 feet
Rachelle Clark35-45 years old5’9 feet
Carter Clark18 years7’1 feet
Abby Clark 17 years old5’9 feet
Avery Clark 14 years old6’1 feet
Luke Clark11 years old5’3 feet

How they became famous on social media 

According to Rob Clark, they started their social media journey when their kids were just under 5 feet. They were motivated to create content by watching other influencers and content creators. 

Then onwards, they started posting as a TikTok family, and people used to call them ‘That Tall Family’. Since the audience started enjoying their videos, and they popped up with millions of views, “That Tall Family” became famous. 

Currently, they have reached over 1.3 million followers on TikTok, 373k subscribers on YouTube, 178.3k followers on Instagram, and 1.9k followers on Facebook. 

That Tall Family’s net worth

That Tall Family’s net worth is not mentioned. However, it is assumed that they receive nearly 300k- 500k USD from YouTube ads and overviews.

Viral moments of “That Tall Family”

@thattallfamily Only 12 and 6’0 tall, but still short. #tall #tallfamily ♬ Drilla – Tik Toker
@thattallfamily Went to @orlandomagic and @Pelicansnba game and still the tallest guy. #tall #tallfamily ♬ Pope Is a Rockstar – SALES
@thattallfamily Basketball or volleyball? #tall #tallfamily ♬ original sound – rico

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