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Who are Crash Adams? | Artists of Give me a kiss (age, wiki, bio, net worth)

Crash Adams trending all over the world now. They have hit 1.2 Million followers on Instagram and 3.8 Million on Tiktok. According to our research, as of 2023 Crash Adams’ net worth is 2.4 Million – 4.6 Million USD.

Crash Adams is a pop duo from Toronto, Canada and they are Music Producers, Songwriters, and Singers in the pop genre. They recently went viral on social media from the song “Give me a Kiss”. This duo is Rafaele Massarelli, better known as Crash, and his childhood friend, Vince Sasso, also known as Adams. Stay in touch with the article to find out more.

Crash Adams Net Worth

There is no specific information about Crash Adams’s net worth. Generally, youtube pays 4.18 USD per 1000 views. With that information only from YouTube, Crash Adams must have earned 240,000 USD. But YouTube is not the only platform they have a fanbase. As aforementioned, they have 1 million listeners on Spotify, 2 million followers on TikTok, and 284k followers on Instagram. So because of that, their net worth must be more than 240,000 USD. So, Crash Adams’s net worth must be around 250k – 500k USD as of September 2022.

However, after the “give me a kiss” album goes viral, their youtube channel gets over 1 million subscribers with 407,294,967 views. With that information, their youtube revenue must now be over 1.7 Million as of October 2022, and their new updated net worth must be over 2 Million USD as of October 2022.

With more than 1.1 Million views on youtube, 1.2 Million followers on Instagram and also 3.6 Million followers on Tiktok, as of 2023, Crash Adams’ net worth is 2.4 Million – 4.5 Million USD.

Who are Crash Adams   

Channel Name Crash Adams
Crash Adams membersCrash – Rafaele Massarelli
Adams – Vince Sasso
Age Crash – 25-30
Adams – 25-30
Country Toronto, Canada
Relationship N/A
Joined date2016 
Crash Adams’s Net worth2.4 M- 4.6 Million USD
Crash Adams

Crash Adams is well known as childhood friends since they were pre school. They had a passion for music from a very young age. Even though they are famous as Crash Adams, their real names are Rafaele Massarelli, a.k.a Crash, and Vince Sasso, a.k.a Adams. Crash had been interested in producing music since he was young, and so was Adam. Adam was interested in playing his guitar.  

Crash Adams began their music career together in 2016. Crash Adams grew up listening to music; of 50 cents, Michael Jackson’s, Led Zeplin’s, and so on, which influenced them to increase their interest in music. Later, they started practicing and composing their own music. Currently, they have released nearly 10 songs, mainly their song Give Me a Kiss‘ went viral over social media, especially on Spotify and Tik Tok.  

Crash Adams’ members

As mentioned before, Crash Adams are a duo and two childhood friends who have started their careers in the music industry merely due to their passion and musical skill. Later on, they started composing music together, which made them famous on many social media platforms.

Crash – Rafaele Massarelli 

Crash is a Canadian who is natively from Toronto, Canada. Even though he is well-known as Crash, his real name is Rafaele Massarelli. Crash was a composer and a producer from a young age. So, he practiced producing music at his uncle’s recording studio. So apparently, there is no information about his bio yet.  

Adams – Vince Sasso

Vince Sasso, also known as Adams, is a Canadian from Toronto, Canada. Adams was a good guitar player and practised his level best to achieve a proficiency level in his instrument. 

However, sadly there is no information available about both Crash Adams since they are newly sprouted stars.

Crash Adams’ songs and music videos 

Give me a kiss 2022

“Give Me a Kiss” is a 2 min 49-sec video released on 22nd July 2022. This is a pop song that went viral around social media, especially on TikTok. The song is available on TikTok as a challenging song, and their fans can create their TikTok videos with the music. The song has been listened to by over 2.6 million on Spotify.

Caroline 2020 

“Caroline” is a 3min 35sec video that was released on 27th march 2020. Moreover, it was composed under the alternative/indie genre. The official music video of Caroline is specially made and animated. The song has over 6.5 million views on Spotify.  

Delicate 2020 

“Delicate” is an Indie pop song released on 23rd October 2020. This 3min and 53sec song has over 700k views on Spotify. 

Other music videos

Too Hot to Touch 2020 

Make it Last 2019 

Monsters 2021 

Ooh! 2020 

Astronauts 2019 

Symphony 2021 Chemicals 2021 

Crash Adams’ upcoming concerts  

There are no events planned or upcoming concerts. Click here to be updated about their upcoming shows and to buy tickets.  

Crash Adams social links    

  • YouTube  

Crash Adams has shared nearly 210 videos on YouTube and has over 492k subscribers. According to YouTube stats, their channel has an average rate of 54.7 million views on YouTube. 

  • Instagram

Crash Adams is not verified on Instagram but has over 1 million followers. Via Instagram, they share content similar to Tik Tok, which is mainly based on their music videos.

  • TikTok  

Crash Adams has their highest fan base on TikTok. they have over 2.5 million followers and over 50 million average views and likes. Their latest hit, ‘Give me a Kiss‘, went viral on TikTok. 

  • Twitter

Crash Adams joined Twitter in 2019 with nearly 898 followers in it. They have shared over 2.5k tweets and are all based on music.  

  • Facebook

Crash Adams are verified on Facebook and has 5 starred reviews. Moreover, they have over 11k followers on Facebook.

  • Spotify

Crash Adams has over 1.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. When rating their songs individually, the highest rate of listeners is available on Spotify. They are verified artists on Spotify. 

Soundcloud            Apple Music          Deezer  

New updates

The last few weeks must be the Crashadams turning point in music life. Not only their song went viral, but also some of their TikTok videos hit over 12 million views, and their youtube channel hit 1 Million subscribers. Also, as of their TikTok videos, even Toronto police helped them get their famous couch photo by closing the whole street from the police car.


The police closed down an entire street so that we could take a photo with our red couch in public👮🏻‍♂️📸…

♬ It’s Corn – Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy

Crash Adams hit 1 million followers on Instagram and they didn’t forget to thank their fans.

Now crash Adams become 5th most viewed artist on TikTok in Canada. They announced this on 7, December 2022 from an Instagram video. According to that video, they are in 5th place among the most viewed artists in Canada and also they are in 5th place among artists with the newest followers.

As aforementioned, Crash Adams are two childhood friends who have given life for their passion which they live along with. They are currently famous due to their new hit “Give Me a Kiss”, and they are working on producing and marketing their music, hoping to achieve fame around social media. 


Who are the members of crash Adams?

Adams – Vince Sasso
Crash – Rafaele Massarelli 

Where are crash Adams from?

Toronto, Canada.

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