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Prophet Daniel Abodunrin | Story of Historical Tragic Accident (wiki, bio, and story)

Prophet Daniel Abodunrin is a famous Nigerian pastor who etched his name in history, eaten alive by lions by going to replicate a Bible story and met his sad end.

Bible story of Jewish boy

Daniel’s try was to imitate a Bible story written in the Holy Bible thousand years ago. It was a story of a Jewish boy in Jerusalem named Daniel, who was thrown into a lion’s den to die but survived because of the bestowed powers of God.

Story of Prophet Daniel Abodunrin

Since before 1991, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin already performed so many miracles. However, in 1991 he decided to replicate the Bible story of Daniel to test the word of God. Already we know this unfortunate incident happened on a day during Easter Celebration in 1991.

Prophet Daniel Abodunrin
Prophet Daniel Abodunrin

The place is the University of Ibadan zoological garden, a most visited tourist destination in Nigeria and home to different kinds of animals. Among thousands of thoughts of enjoying the visitors, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin‘s goal was to do something which has never been done before.

He came to the zoo dressed in red clothes and entered the lion’s den with a holy Bible in his hand. Zoo keepers and visitors around wandered and tried to persuade them to return. But he was too stubborn not to listen to their advice and warnings.

While chanting Bible verses he slowly and slowly got closer to the lions. He stared at lions. The whole scene was like a movie although it was a scenery unable to watch. Lions stared back at him.

By now a massive crowd has gathered around to see a battle between hefty lions and a single man donned in a red robe, armed with nothing but only a Bible.

While others were wondering how this man will escape, devout Christians awaited a faith-enhancing miracle. Abodunrin is determined to drive out the lions. He felt that he was able to call out the spiritual power and had the authority of heaven to make the lions weaker.

What happened in the lion’s cage

He kept repeating Bible verses commanding lions to keep still. He was calling on the God of Daniel.With the final approach, lions jumped at him. He landed with a thud. Bible flew away. People around couldn’t believe their eyes. Finally, Prophet Daniel Abodunrin couldn’t believe his eyes too. In a few seconds, he was torn apart by lions. His red robe became redder with his blood. He was a feast to that feline beasts.

Fact check

According to google tool box thare hasn’t yet details about Prophet Daniel Abodunrin‘s death topic.

By today many preachers across the world have made many attempts to recreate and realise narrated stories and miracles of the Bible. But lastly have ended destructively only end in sorrow and offer nothing to the value of humanity.

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