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Story of Arfa Karim | The World’s Youngest MCP (wiki, bio, story)

Arfa Karim Randhawa is a Pakistani student known as The World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional 2004-2008. She impressed millions of people worldwide with her achievements and awe-inspiring contributions to the IT field in a short span of her life.

This article will discuss her BiographyAchievementsAwardsIllness, and Death.

Biography of Arfa Karim?

The computer prodigy Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa was born on the 2nd of February,1995, in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Her parents were Amjad Abdul Karim Randhawa and Samina AmjadWhen she was dead, she was just in her first year of A-level studying at Lahore Grammar school.


In 2004, when Arfa Karim was 9 years old, she passed the Microsoft exam becoming the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). She was submitted to the Guinness book of world records.

Bill Gates was so impressed with Arfa’s skills, and he invited her to the Microsoft Headquarters in the United States.

S. Somasegar (the vice president of Microsoft Software Development Division) wrote about Arfa in his blog.

In 2006, Microsoft invited her to the Tech-Ed developers Conference held in Barcelona.

And she was also invited by the Pakistan Information Technology Professional Forum for a stay of 2 weeks in Dubai.

Awards received by Arfa Karim

She bagged various awards. She received the President’s Award for ‘Pride of Performance,’ a civil award bestowed by the Pakistani GovernmentArfa was the youngest recipient of the Pride of Performance award in Pakistan.

On the 2nd of August,2005, Arfa was presented with Fatimah Jinnah’s Gold medal in the science and technology field on the 113th anniversary of Fatimah Jinnah’s birth as the Pakistani Prime minister. Also, she received Salaam Pakistan Youth Award by the president of Pakistan.

Arfa Karim’s Illness 

On the 22nd of December2011, she was hospitalized after an epileptic seizure that damaged her brain and was admitted to the Combined Military Hospital at Lahore

Arfa Karim’s Death

At the age of 16, on the 14th of January,2012, Arfa passed away.

On that day, Bill Gates kept a message; “Today is the black day of my life and same for Pakistan because I lost my princess colleague and Pakistan lost her Pakistani.” This statement shows her loss, which hit the local and international IT world.

“Today is the black day of my life, and same for Pakistan because I lost my princess colleague and Pakistan lost her Pakistani.”

Bill Gates after Arfa’s death

However, Arfa Karim is a role model for young girls and boys with a clear vision to set up the IT industry.

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