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Nick Smithyman, Singer Who reacts to TikTok; Biography, Family and Net worth

Nick Smithyman is an American songwriter, singer, and owner of a Tiktok verified account. This article will cover Nick Smithyman, Biography, Family, and Net worth. Along with a few more questions you may have about this personality.

Name Nick Smithyman
Age 25
BirthdaySeptember 17, 1996
Relationship Married
Partner name Avery Smithyman
Children 1
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Weight 72kg
Nick Smithyman’s Net worth$1 145,000


Nick was born on September 17, 1996, in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. He has a Caucasian ethnicity from his father’s side as well. He attended Oak Leaf High School. Nick has not continued his education after the degree. As he mentioned in an interview, we know he has played baseball at school. Music, art, or any interest has not been in Nick’s school life. Influencing and sponsoring is a significant interest of Nick. Due to Nick’s success, he also started a Youtube channel in 2020.

Nick Smithyman’s favourite actor is Tom Cruise. He has mentioned that Tom’s Mission Impossible Hexalogy is his favourite film as Tom is the leading actor. Pizza and Burgers are his favourite food. Nick Smithym has mentioned that Malaysia, France, and Canada will be visited with his family as there are dreamy destinations.

Also, Nick is working as a worship leader at his parents’ Freedom Destiny church and has posted a few images in 2021. Currently, he is living in Orange Park, Florida.


I thought 😭

♬ original sound – Nick Smithyman 🤓

Nick Smithyman’S Family

Adam Smith is his father, and Candice Smithyman is his mother. Nick’s parents. We don’t know what Nick’s parents do for a living, but we do know that his parents mean a lot to him. Once Nick mentioned that his father, Adam, had helped him to follow the creative stuff when Nick was a boy. Nick has two sisters, Samantha and Alexandra Knight. His most loving sister is Alexandra, an influencer on TikTOK to. Samantha is her older sister, Nick, doing a typical job.

Nick is living with his family, wife, and baby. Avery is his wife, and they married in 2015. Avery is working as a Credential Specialist for a private organization and has ambition regarding the social media influencing a swell. She has over 5000 Instagram followers.

Nick brings Avery online most of the time through his Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. We could not find any previous relationships for Nick as, well. Another two members of the Smithyman family are Valentine and Rogue, Nick’s pet dogs. They appear on Nick’s videos frequently.   

As a Tik toker, Smithyman admires Rebecca Zamolo, Sophia Diamond, Zephan Clark, Mark Thomas, and Wengie, whom he has mentioned a few times on Social media. It seems Smithyman has a professional relationship with them. Addison Rae, the lip-syncing Tik toker, is also a closer friend of Smithyman, who appeared for a video last year. Among the most valuable relationship, Nick has had is Justin Bieber crucial, who appeared once on Nick’s videos.

Early life

Nick completed his education in 2014 and got married the next year. Singing, songwriting, music, and Youtubing were his attractions first. Nick could not succeed with those things first. After that, he was looking for a career he did not find until 2017. In 2017, Tik tok channel in 2017.

Nick Smithyman’s music career

Although Nick has been writing songs and singing them since early 2010, it took a decade for them to go public. Nick has a trend for creating music that touches Pop, and we can see that every song has a pop touch. “I choose you over anything,” “You of Little Faith,” “Better in your courts,” “fears,” “Seed into a plant,” and the “Temperature is rising” are a few of his favourite tracks. Those are available on Youtube, Apple Musical, and Deezer for the public. Although Nick’s tracks have views less than 1000 views on Youtube, comments say that Nick has a better future.

Why is Nick Smithyman famous on Tik Tok

Nick is uploading videos that belong to several categories. Fun, entertainment, gaming, family, and music are among them. The higher-viewed video on Tik Tok is regarding a roller coaster ride he had with his child in front of the television. When it comes to youtube, Smithyman uploads lengthy gaming videos that can attract the younger generation rapidly. Along with his strategies, Nick has made a good influencer on different platforms.  

Nick Smithyman with his new born son

Nick Smithyman’s Net worth

Nick Smithyman’s N et worth is $1 145,000. His Youtubing, singing, songwriting, social media influencing, and brand sponsoring have brought this net worth to him. However, he lacks his official website, and he will get there soon, which will increase his net worth. 

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Who is nick Smithyman’s wife?

Avery Smithyman is Nick’s wife.

How old is Nick Smithyman?

Nick Smithyman’s age is 25.

How much is nick Smithyman’s net worth?

Nick Smithyman’s net worth is $1 145,000.

Why are nick Smithyman’s daddy videos popular on Tik tok?

Because Nick is doing something new each time, he delivers.

Who are the Nick Smithyman sisters?

Alexandra and Samantha Smithyman are Nick’s sisters.

Where can IO see nick Smithyman songs?

You can follow them on Nick Smithyman’s youtube channel.
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