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Who is Cayden Henschel? TikTok famous wrestler(wiki, age, bio, net worth)

“If you don’t have goals, you don’t have direction,” is a famous saying by well-known wrestling champion Cayden HenschelCayden Henschel is the wrestling champion of West Bend East. He is now a state champion and most commonly a social media figure.

If you don’t have goals, you don’t have direction.

Cayden Henschel

Cayden Henschel Early life

Cayden is one of Brent Henschel’s five sons, and Brent Henschel is an assistant wrestling coach at West Bend East High school. Cayden’s mother is Brenda Henschel, and he has four other siblings named; Bryce, carter, Ella, and Macey. Cayden and his brother Bryce have been wrestling since junior high, like fathers like sons.

They both were West Bend East High School students and managed to give life to their passion under their father’s light. Brent Henschel was Cayden’s wrestling coach for 2years since his ninth grade. However, Cayden and his brother were accustomed to their fathers’ techniques and coaching styles.

Cayden Henschel Sport Career

Cayden Henschel is 141 lbs in weight and currently plays for the 138-pound weight class. As aforementioned, Cayden started wrestling in junior high as a ninth grader with his father, and he is one of the strongest wrestlers at the West Bend East high school. Even though he went under his father’s coaching for two years, he enhanced his father’s coaching style through his sport since he spent youth Wrestling with the West Bend Wildcats, where Cayden’s father coached for over nine years. Cayden once stated that he was happy that his father coached him from a young age, so it isn’t frustrating to continue what is taught early.

Cayden Henschel

As Said by Cayden and his brother Bryce, Wrestling and sports were not only their passion but also a constant topic brought out in homely conversations. Therefore, Cayden and Bryce were eagerly dedicated to improving themselves and setting huge goals for themselves.

Above all, Cayden’s very first goal was to follow in his father’s footsteps and win a state championship since he was just a ninth grader. Cayden always said, “I know what I want to do, and I just want to achieve that.”

It’s vivid that his courage is a good example for the nourishing young generation. It’s not a surprise Cayden Henschel is now a state champion, for he is a youth who is dedicated to his passions. 

He was the 2020 state champion. And he also placed twice at state championships, was a 2020 team regional champion, a three-time conference champion, four-time team MVP, and three times as a team captain when he was just in high school.  

Moreover, some of Cayden’s all-around achievements within 2021-2022 are, that he earned one win in a major decision, wrestled two matches at the NCAA Super Regionals, and earned 2021-22 all-academic honors for maintaining a 3.60 GPA. Accordingly, Cayden’s achievements visibly portray his potential as a wrestler.

Why is he Famous on TikTok?

It’s not surprising that Cayden Henschel is a famous social media influencer at a young age. He is not only a wrestler but also a public figure who is famous on social media. On TikTok, he has 124k followers. Cayden is a wrestling content creator, and his audience is also wrestlers or people interested in Wrestling.

In addition, some people know him as a famous YouTuber, other than a Tik Toker. According to Cayden, his all-time favourite hobbies are Wrestling and going through YouTube. Therefore, currently, he is running a YouTube channel with an average of 124k subscribers supporting the wrestling community.

 He enjoys being a social media figure since he once said, “I want to make that into a career because I enjoy it: I love making videos, and I love building that community.”

Cayden is one of the few Tik Tokers and YouTubers strictly focusing on collegiate wrestling content. Similarly, his content varies from foreign country tours to workout sessions, wrestling news, specific wrestling content, and so on.

“I want to make that into a career because I enjoy it: I love making videos, and I love building that community.”

Cayden Henschel

 In addition, Cayden is a public figure on Instagram and Twitter too. Cayden is the best creator for the wrestling fans out there who is interested in that sport.

Cayden Henschel

Cayden Henschel’s net worth

Through average estimations, it is made clear that the net worth of Cayden Henschel is approximately $27.9k. However, the average net worth is between $8.63k -$51.8k only from YouTube. Also, on his TikTok and youtube, we can see him doing affiliate ads for some sports equipment. According to his last month, he nearly makes 4k USD from affiliating. As a famous YouTuber, Cayden has uploaded around 534 Videos on YouTube and makes approximately $1.21 per 1000 views. Moreover, Cayden’s monthly income is nearly 2k-5k. 

 Accordingly, with his salary estimations, it’s clear that Cayden is personally and economically successful.


What are the Cayden Henschel records?

Cayden Henschel who was the senior captain of the wrestling team, who was 48-1 on the season led the team in wins. His team point total of 356.5 was a new team record. Moreover, he won the Gunslinger, Battle on the Bay, Mid states. He won OW honors at Mid states. Dedicated to the second most wins in school history.

What is the Cayden Henschel state?

West Bend East. Cayden is one of the five sons of Brent Henschel who is the assistant wrestling coach of West Bend East High school.

What is his Cayden Henschel college ranking?

Cayden Henschel was portrayed as an active wrestler for the number eight ranked D-2 school.

Who is Cayden Henschel brother?

His brother is Bryce Henschel who has been with the sport of wrestling like Cayden himself. They both were coached in their father’s presence in the beginning. And in 2017 they wrestled together for the first time on the varsity wrestling team.

How old is Cayden Henschel?

Cayden is in his 20’s or maybe approximately 20 years of age.
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