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Amaury Guichon; The World Famous Pastry Chef, about his Life, Wife, and Net worth.

World-famous Pastry chef, Amaury Guichon is a chocolate sculpture designer and he holds the 2022 most-viewed video on Tiktok. He starts as a Swiss-French pastry chef and he is representative of the new generation of pastry chefs. Amaury Guichon is not only a pastry chef but also was the host of the Netfilx tv series School of Chocolate season 1. Here is his story.


Chocolate Giraffe! 🦒This 8.3ft tall 100% chocolate sculpture is my biggest creation yet. #amauryguichon #chocolate #giraffe

♬ dream river. – Woong Sun Hee

Amaury Guichon’s Biography

Amaury Guichon was born on 15th march 1991 to a Swiss mother and a French father. Therefore, he is French by nationality. He was born in Cannes, France but grew up on the Haute-Savoie-Romandy border near Geneva.

Later, Amaury Guichon moved to the United States when he was barely 22 years old.  Moreover, his family was a four-member family which includes his elder brother. His culinary life started at age 14 with his ambitious parent’s support at Ecole Hoteleiere Savoie leman in Thonon Les Bains and even then, he participated in local competitions.

Amaury Guichon’s Early Life

Amaury was a very creative student from an early age, so he showed less interest in classic school structures. Amaury Guichon not interested in studies as many manual talented students so he left out traditional education at the age of 14. He completed a two years culinary course at Ecole Hoteliere Sevoie Leman.

Then he attracted to pastry and studied the art of pastries for two years at the Wolfisberg bakery in Geneva, Switzerland. Then Amaury Guichon went through another training period at the Maison Lenotre in Paris and received the title of the best Apprentice in France, by the council of the MOF (Ministry of France) association. Later on, after a comprehensive complete training period, Lenotre boutique in Canes hired he, later at age 21 as an executive pastry chef at Hugo & Victor patisserie.

By the time he was a contestant in a reality cooking series (Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier?). Later Jean-Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas was offer to him join a high-end pastry company. So finally, he moved to the United States at the age of 22 to continue his career.

Amaury Guichon’s Career

As aforementioned he kept the first step in his career at age 14 and developed until he could create his kind of art. After he moved to the United States, he further elaborated his art of patisserie by conducting master classes.

 He expanded his classes in many countries including, Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, London, Greece, and so on. Accordingly, after sacrificing 14 years of his life to master the art of cooking in the pastry industry he started his pastry school.

Pastry Academy

His pastry academy is a 10-week program that focuses not only on vivid pastries but also on desserts, ice creams, chocolates, bread, and candy.

The Art oF Flavor

The most amazing fact is “the art of Flavor”, his first book which initiates his delicious journey with his signature recipes. he touches the hearts of his fans by all means, and throughout his career, he is humble enough to share out his creations. Guichon himself is a work of art.

@amauryguichon Chocolate Statue of Liberty! 🗽 115lbs of chocolate for 7ft tall! Happy Independence Day weekend to you all! 🇺🇸 #amauryguichon #chocolate #independenceday ♬ Mirage – Else

Moreover, when it comes up to his career, one of the most significant things is his chocolate sculptures. He created many sculptures including a telescope, an elephant, a robot chef, the statue of liberty, and a dragon.  It’s clear that these sculptures need 100% of effort, skill, and time, so they are given a high demand and are also pretty expensive. Thus, these sculptures are priced around thousands of dollars since they look very much like exhibitive rare creations.

Chocolate sculptures

The average price of a sculpture is around 5000 USD. And these sculptures using on permanent display. The chocolate sculptures are not for eating. If anything happens to these sculptures, they will melt down and use to create another permanent sculpture. It’s mind-blowing to go through his artistry and tactics, it’s his uniqueness that led him to be the famous character we all know right now.

How he became so famous on TikTok

As aforementioned, Amaury Guichon started sharing his content on TikTok in 2016, and it was entirely super creative, mouth-watering content that easily grabs the attention of the audience. So, he went viral pretty quickly with an average amount of 250k likes per post and over 2-3 million views per post. Currently, he has 14 million followers on TikTok. His popularity is vivid since each social media activist had watched at least one of his videos.

Amaury Guichon’s wife

Fiona Bergson, Guichon’s beloved wife is a Canadian by nationality and is the owner of the Imperial tattoo Connexion in Montreal. She is professionally a tattoo artist, and also works with Guichon as his manager. Amaury and fiona started dating in 2017. Aafter 4 years of love, they married on the 11th of January 2021. Their passion for art was equally nourishing since they performed their creativity within two different fields. However, the young couple is still not yet parents, since they have no kids for now.

Net worth

Amaury Guichon’s net worth in 2022 is nearly $5 million as of 2023. Only from Youtube, he must have 2.1 Million USD worth of ad revenue. As a world-famous chef youtube is not his only income source and as a chef, from his academy, his book and other social media he make a lot of money.


How much do Amaury Guichon chocolate sculptures cost?

His sculptures are creativity-based massive structure, which includes time and effort. Therefore, they cost around 1000’s USD. However, a sculpture averagely costs around 4500USD.

Where does Amaury Guichon work now?

He now runs his school in Las Vegas, and no longer works in a Patisserie.

What does Amaury Guichon wife do?

Fiona Bergson is the owner of the Imperial tattoo Connexion in Montreal. She is professionally a tattoo artist, and also works with Guichon as his manager.

Does Amaury Guichon have a pastry shop?

He doesn’t have a pastry shop and his creations cannot be purchased online.

Do Amaury Guichon’s sculptures get eaten?

No, they are specifically permanent sculptures for exhibition, and if there is any damage to be seen the sculptures are melted immediately and recreated.

How old is Amaury?

born on 15th march 1991, 31 years old.

How much is a chocolate sculpture?

A chocolate sculpture costs around 1000’s USD and the average price of a sculpture is about 4500 USD.

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