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How to see someone’s hidden tagged photos on Instagram?

Instagram is a great social networking service designed for people who want to make new friends and have fun, especially young people. This is a social network service that has a high position among social media applications. This allows exchanging photos, videos and ideas between each other. In this social network service, its developers have worked to provide many services to their users. How to view someone’s hidden tagged photos on Instagram.

Accordingly, as one of the services provided by this application, it is possible to hide and tag the photos of the account profile created on this own. 

When hiding tagged photos you can choose who can see your tagged photos. You can make them visible to everyone or only people you follow. 

When you want to hide someone’s tagged photo, the photo will still be visible on the profile of someone who posted it and can’t be seen in your profile. 

So now if you want to find someone’s hidden tagged photos, what you should do? But, there’s no definite way to see someone’s hidden tagged photos on Instagram. 

  • By opening their profile and checking their profile’s “Photos of Me” section.
  • Looking through their photo albums. 
  • Asking the person directly if they have any hidden tagged photos; is some way to know whether there are hidden tagged photos on someone’s Instagram. 

If you would not allow these steps you can use a third-party app. An example is “Insta Stalker”. So this app lets you see all the posts that have been tagged with a certain location.

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