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How to delete messages on Monkey App?

Monkey App is a popular video chat app which make easier to meet new people and friends online by matching people with other users randomly. Monkey App makes you friends with unknown people, connect with them, share your interests etc. Does Monkey App allows you to delete a message? Unfortunately, no. Monkey App doesn’t offer the deleting chat option. But if you want to delete an unwanted message on Monkey chat, what will you do?

These are the steps to delete messages on Monkey App.

  • First open your Monkey App.
  • Go to “Knocks Knocks” and wait and watch until displaying someone is online.
  • Now chat with that person by sending messages.
  • If you want to delete messages, tap on “…” (three dots icon) and tap on “Destroy”.

After you have done this, the messages will permanently delete from your chat history.

If someone replies to your message, you can’t delete that message. So know well and make sure that the person has not replied to the message you want to delete.

And also after selecting “Destroy Chat” option you can’t  contact that person more longer. So, be careful before sending messages in Monkey App.

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Kalana Dhananjaya
Kalana Dhananjaya
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