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Do you wonder how to make an easel from a step ladder?

As a man, you have to manage things you already have. The step ladder can’t help you with more things than helping you to climb up to an upper position. But, if you want to manage it for your painting purposes, you can create an easel.

This is how to make an easel from a step ladder quickly

Creating a wooden frame

You must create a wooden frame that matches your weasel requirement. You don’t need a stand as that is what the stepladder does.

Adding the wooden frame to the step ladder is the second part

You must find your ways to hold the wooden frame into the stepladder. If you want the stepladder back, you must use a temporary method. When it comes to permanent usage, you may use mounting screws.

Last thing last

Unlike an easel strengthened with a wooden frame, you have a modified easel joined with a step ladder. Therefore, you can add some features such as pockets, folders, and other things. You must use plastic bottles and other available resources to add pockets to the easel.

No, you are ready to use your easel!

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Kalana Dhananjaya
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