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Do You Know How To Write Playful Banter On Tumblr? This Short Guidance Is About That

Tumblr is a free social media platform that allows users to post various kinds of content. This small guide will help you How To Write Playful Banter On Tumblr? as a registered user.

How to write playful banter on Tumblr?

  • You must make the banter according to your followers’ expectations. You must know how meaningful the banter you will create is as the first thing.
  • The presenting way is the second matter you must mind. Although there is nothing much in your content to make them excited, your presenting style can make an impact.
  • Exaggerations are what can make things more realistic. You can create hype even if the matter is small. For example, if the sun is hotter, you may say, “I have never seen the sun getting angry this much, and I am grateful for the sun for keeping me in all day.”
  • Word play is also a good thought. You may use double-meaning words to make something either hilarious or blushing.
  • Adding gifts to your followers through visualization is an excellent way to write playful banter.
  • Even in a tense situation, try to create your moment with creativity. Although the problem is yours, there is nothing others can do rather than enjoy. 

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Kalana Dhananjaya
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