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How to contact someone who has blocked you?

Rejection is excellent as it allows you to stay away from someone you don’t like. But what happens if someone rejects you. Thanks to the latest technology, there is a special option called blocking. Every software manufacturer, app developer, and hardware manufacturer knows this matter. They not only know but also send a specific “Blocking ” featuring.” Ifs someone has blocked you, then the best way to answer that matter is to leave them as they deserve it. But, if you suddenly need to contact them, these instructions will help you.

Finding another phone is the easiest

You may find another phone that belongs to you and try to contact the person who has blocked you. That will be the quickest answer if you think how do you contact someone who has blocked you. Also, if you have another sim, that will also help you to reach the particular person.

If you want to contact through Messenger, then you will have to reach that person using a fake account or another Facebook account you have.

Whatsapp allows you to create a duplicate account on your phone, and you may follow those steps to create a duplicate account and reach a Whatsapp number that has blocked you.

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