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How to charge a JUUL with an iPhone charger?

Are you a JUUL user? And also an iPhone user? So this is essential for you to charge your JUUL Device with an iPhone charger. This is relevant for any iPhone 5 from up.

Just take your iPhone charger lighting cable and cut off the lightning connector end. Now you have the square USB end and end with no connecter. Strip about a half inch of the cut edge. Don’t cut through the wires, just to remove the outer insulation. Pull out off using fingers. There are 4wires as red, green, black, and white. Cut off red and green wires. Strip the remaining wires using scissors delicately to reveal the inside wires.

Twist each wire to make up two single connection points separately. Plug your cord into a power source. Use the two outer pins to touch each side. The charge light comes as white when it’s charging. If it is a low charge it lights in red, if medium it’s yellow and if high it’s green. Usually, a JUUL device takes an hour to charge empty to full.

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Kalana Dhananjaya
Kalana Dhananjaya
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