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How to assemble a pump shotgun into a box?

If you want to know how to assemble a pump shotgun into a box for the transportation, these 06 steps will help you to do that.

  • Unloading the pump shotgun is the very first step. First, you must put the safety on. Next, you must take the bullets out of the gun. And proceed to the next step, as safety is always first.
  • When pump shotgun unloading second step is removal of the barrel is the next step. You must Open the action halfway and unscrew it to pull the barrel.
  • You must push the trigger housing pin off the shotgun to Remove the Trigger Group.
  • The next step is to Remove the Cartridge Stop and the Cartridge Interrupter. All you have to do is to pull it more challenging as there is not a screw top to hold it back.
  • Pull the bolt slide downward and remove the blot slide from the shotgun. Now, you are free to remove the forearm as well.
  • There will be a circular hole where the barrel used to be, and you must take the bolt that you have seen it. Then you will be able to remove the elevator. You have now competed for the assembly of the shotgun into a box. You are free to carry it as parts now.

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