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How to access freeaire cooler controller?

If you are waiting to see how to access the freeaire cooler controller, this article will help. You must follow the steps as explained and say near the air cooler when implementing the steps.

  1. You must plug the controller into an outlet. If you see the device is ready to go on, you must turn it on.
  2. You will find the ” Menu” button on the front side of the controller. You must hold the on button for three seconds until it turns on.
  3. You must navigate through the menu options. You will have to choose “Settings” after pressing the “Menu” button again.
  4. As the next step, you must enter the “Access Code.” You will find it on the back of your Freeaire Cooler Controller manual. Although the default code is “1234.”, you might have changed it already. If it is so, you will have to enter that particular Access Code.
  5. You must pass the “Menu” button again to save the changes.

The above steps explain how to access the freeaire cooler controller in a formal manner. If you have a freeaire cooler controller, you will have to do more steps. You must turn off the freeaire cooler controller and locate the small black box with buttons. You must hold the rest button for 05 seconds. After that, you will be able to have access to the freeaire cooler controller.

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Kalana Dhananjaya
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