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The most famous students of Amaury Guichon | 8 contestant of School of chocolate.

Amaury Guichon is a world-renowned French-Swiss pastry chef who teaches masterclasses to thousands of students worldwide. This article brings about the Collection of the most famous students who learned from Amaury Guichon. They are the top 8 contestant of School of chocolate who the grab a chance to participate Netflix reality competition.

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Key takeaways

  • The winner of the School of Chocolate season 1 was Juan Gutierrez. He achieved the highest place in several episodes of the show by elevating his super skills under the supervision of the expert Amaury Guichon.
  • It’s true to say Stephanie Norcio is a huge fan of chocolate. She creates marvelous chocolate sculptures and then shares them with chocolate lovers on Instagram.
  •  The contestant who improved their culinary skills herself is Melissa Root. Her inspiration was an American television personality named Julia Child and coached by Laurant Branlard and Darren Aoyoma later.

Tyricia Clark, School of Chocolate 

Tyricia Clark is the owner of “T Cakes.” is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. She graduated with a degree in Advanced Baking in Pastry from Louisiana Culinary Institute. Tyricia Clark has worked in numerous resorts and hotels as a pastry chef.

In the series school of chocolate, she was called the “Shine queen.” The reason is mentioned in It is because Tricia was known for her skill in buffing chocolates to give them a polished shiny finish. Presently she sells various kinds of cakes, bread, and chocolate at “T Cakes” and online.

As she has experience in the baking sector, over the years, she should have massive earnings. Tyricia Clark’s net worth can be estimated as between $500k – $1M.  Now let’s view the winner of the series.

Tyricia Clark

The pastry chef Juan Gutierrez 

Juan Guitierrez is from Cartago, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. Before starting his professional career in the pastry industry, he got educated and trained.

He earned an associate’s degree in culinary arts, baking, and pastry chef/ baker/ pastry chef at Mariano Moreno Culinary Institute. Later he joined the French Pastry School and graduated with an associate’s degree in pastry arts and an associate’s degree in cake decoration

He started working at Cheeca Lodge and Spa as a pastry cook. After that, he worked in various resorts and hotels like Keiks, Jordan’s Food of Distinction, Pump room, Glitbar, The Fifty/50, Longman & Eagle, and Virgins Hotel. (via LinkedIn)

Presently he’s a pastry chef at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Chicago. According to the suspicion mentioned in, Juan’s net worth is around $5 million.

The next part refers to the contestant of School of chocolate, Amanda Miller.

Juan Gutierrez

Amanda Miller, Assistant professor at CIM reports that Amanda Miller celebrates her birthday on December 4th. Before starting her career in the baking industry, she has done quite different jobs. She was a rural carrier for USA postal service, a hard goods team leader in Meijer Inc, and served as a special electronic repairing worker in the military- USA army

In 2012, she completed an AAS degree in baking and pastry arts and an AAS degree in culinary arts at the Culinary Institute of Michigan (CIM). Then she began working as a chef instructor there. Ongoing as a professional in the baking industry, participation in the School of chocolate led her to be more famous. 

She became the president of the American Culinary Federation and the Muskegon Culinary Professionals association. Also, she was fair in national industry and honored by the Center for the Advancement of Food Service Education.

Currently, Amanda Miller is the CIM’s assistant professor and chef instructor. Amanda Miller’s net worth of around $5 million. The Next edition refers to another skilled contestant of the School of chocolate.

Pastry chef and artist; Cedrick Simpson

Let’s keep reading his biography first. Cedrick Simpson was born before 1980, and he is from Atlanta. There’s mentioned that he is from a military background.

School of chocolate was not his first participation in a reality show. He appeared in the 6th season of Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship in 2019.

Currently, Cedrick is a pastry chef at a private club in Atlanta. Meet him on Instagram @cedrick_simpson. There he shares the posts of his baking creations.

Although his exact net worth is unknown, we can assume that it would be around $100k- $1 million. The following section is all about another contestant in the show.

contestant of School of chocolate

Stephanie Norcio, Owner of “StephTheChef Sweets”

Stephanie Norcio is another skilled competitor in the show. Currently, she owns the “StephTheChef Sweets” dessert shop. Also, she has been an executive pastry chef of new product development at Distinct Indulgence Inc. in Los Angeles since June 2021.

She has been a culinary coordinator, event planner, and chef instructor at Surfas Culinary District in Culver City, California. Also, she has worked as a pastry chef at hotels Emma, Hotel Bel-Air, and Terranea Resort. She holds a Baking and Pastry Arts certificate from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts- Pasadena. (Via LinkedIn)

According to her Instagram page, she also is a maker of high-quality CBD edibles for the brand 6Viand. She shares posts of her beautiful creations there. Follow her on Instagram @stephtheChef.

As she is experienced and has stayed for years in the industry, Stephanie Norcio’s net worth as of 2022, $2 million – $3 million. The next portion is to talk about another contestant in the series.

Stephanie Norcio

Chocolatier Daniel Corpuz 

This is the youngest contestant among the ones in the School of chocolate, and he is 23 years old. Daniel Corpuz is from Staten Island, New York and achieved an associate’s degree in Baking and Pastry from the Culinary Institute of America and a bachelor’s Degree in Food Business Administration.

Daniel Corpuz has worked in multiple dining places in New York, like The Modern at MoMA, One White Street, and Manhattan. Daniel’s immense work and posting his stuff on social media during the time of the covid pandemic went along with the golden chance to be appearing in the School of Chocolate. Other reality shows that he has competed in are “That Takes the Cake Show,” “New York Cake Show,” and “National Capital Area Cake Show.”

First time to watch you in Netflix! And you have won my heart! Filipinos are world class!


He launched “Daniel Corpuz Chocolatier” using his Filipino- American background. This chocolate brand centers on his raising in expanding his experience in the chocolate industry by using Filipino and Asian taste of ingredients and flavors in his chocolates. Meet him on Instagram @danielcorpuzchocolatier or

Because Daniel’s net worth is still under review, we can say that he has earned millions of dollars by working in the sector.

The following section will talk about another well-known contestant in the competition.

Daniel Corpuz

Thiago Silva, Chef, and owner of SALT Patisserie

Another obsessed pastry chef in the show is Thiago Silva. He was born in Brazil and raised in New York. While graduating with his high school diploma, he entered C-CAP (Careers through Culinary Arts Program) and interned at Fauchon.

For 3 years, he worked under chef Alfred Stephen at Olive restaurant. Later he joined Abe & Arthur restaurant as an executive pastry chef. He designed menus at EMM group restaurants like La Cenita, The General, and Catch in New York. Also, he had been making cakes for celebrity clients like John Legend and Derek Jeter.

Before getting involved in the School of Chocolate, he completed and won Food Network’s Culinary competition show. Additionally, he was honoured Afterwards, with Zagat’s “30 Under 30”, Dessert Professional Magazine’sTop Ten Pastry Chefs in North America,” and People Magazine’s “14 Sexiest Chefs in America“. Afterwards, he moved to Massachusetts to become a director of Chocolate at Chew Innovation. (Via

Now he’s a pastry chef and owner of SALT Patisserie. Thiago is talented and experienced and has worked in the pastry industry for several years, so he should have a hefty net worth.

In the next part, I will share about the remaining contestant of School of chocolate.

Thiago Silva

Pastry chef Mellisa Root 

Mellisa Root is from Virginia. She has improved her culinary skills by referencing cookbooks and getting inspired by Julia Child- an American cooking teacher, author, and television personality. She began her career in the baking sector by pursuing pastry at CCA in San Fransisco.

Laurant Branlard at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort was her tutelar in the beginning. Later she was coached by the champion Darrin Aoyama. She led her to win multiple gold medals at Culinary Classic. Mellisa worked as an assistant pastry chef at Payard Patisserie.

In 2008, Mellisa was able to represent the USA and win 3 gold medals in World Culinary Olympics. She was the first chocolatier at M Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Next, she worked as a pastry chef in Rosewood Sandhill. She was awarded the Golden Whisk award from the Women’s Chef Organization.

In 2016, “The Hairy Lobster” was opened by her and her husband, David Root, in Portland, Oregon.

In 2020, because of the covid pandemic, it was closed. Then she moved again to Charlottesville, Virginia, to lead the pastry department for Farmington Country Club, where she aimed to develop a chocolate program. Additionally, she appeared in the School of chocolate and gained valuable experience. (Via


Tyricia Clark, Juan Gutierrez, Amanda Miller, Cedrick Simpson, Stephanie Norcio, Daniel Corpuz, Thiago Silva, and Mellisa Root became very famous because the School of Chocolate boomed all over the world. The chocolate genius Amaury Guichon was supportive of them, and as no one was eliminated from the show, it gave a better chance for everyone to do their best. The show was a huge experience and a golden opportunity for all contestants for their journey in the baking industry.


Who are the contestants on School of Chocolate?

Tyricia Clark, Juan Gutierrez, Amanda Miller, Cedrick Simpson, Stephanie Norcio, Daniel Corpuz, Thiago Silva, and Mellisa Root

Who is winner of the School of chocolate

Juan Gutierrez is the winner of the School of chocolate.

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