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Arcy Drives members – Discover the Stories and Personalities of Indie Rock Band’s Members

Arcy Drive is an Indie rock band with four membersNick Mateyunas, Brooke TuozzoAustin Jones, and Patrick Helrigel. It is a band based out of New York. Moreover, Arcy Drive is a band made up of a group of childhood friends whose dream job was to develop their music band, and they began their journey in the year 2020. 

Name Arcy Drive
Started date In the year 2020
Members Nick Mateyunas, Brooke Tuozzo, Austin Jones, Patrick Helrigel
Albums Roll My Stone2022 / Attic session 2022/ Smoke & Fire (Live)2022/River (Live)2022/They Don’t Dance2023
Arcy Drives’ Net worthNot mentioned

Arcy Drive Members


Nick Mateyunas, quite famous as Nick of Arcy Drive, is the band’s vocalist and rhythm guitar player. He is 23 years old, which means that he may have been born in 1999 or 2000, and is also famous as a baseball player. He is a baseball player who plays under the class sophomore as a maritime college athlete at SUNY Maritime. Besides that, Nick shares his passion for surfing and swimming. Moreover, Nick is famous on social media as a young rock musician, especially on Facebook. On Arcy Band’s official page on Instagram, under Nick, it has mentioned that ‘This Lovely Lithuanian is money on the mic and has the voice of a baby angel.’

Social media links:  Instagram,  Facebook

NameNick Mateyunas
Age 23 years
RelationshipNot mentioned
Height Height; 5-10
Nick Mateyunas’s Net worthN/A 


Austin Jones is a 22-year-old famous rock musician. He is the lead guitarist of the rock band Arcy Drive, but his guitar type is not mentioned. However, his playing ability is mentioned on Arcy Drive’s official Instagram account as “lightning on the six strings and sleek with his hands.” Further, it has been said that “this man is always causing trouble on the stage.” Moreover, besides being a guitarist, Austin played 4 years of division one lacrosse at the University of Albany and Graduated with honors.  

Social media links: Instagram

NameAustin Jones
Age 23 years old
Height N/A 
Austin Jones’s Net worthN/A 


Patrick Helrigel is a 22-year-old and is the Bassist and the elite Harmonist of the rock music band Arcy Drive. He is introduced as a ‘very witty and smooth operator and overall, as ‘just a chiller man.’ Pat is multilingual, speaks three languages, and has lived in Israel for 2 years. Arcy Drive’s official Instagram page portrays Pat as ‘the soul of bassists.’ 

Social media accounts: Instagram

NamePatrick Helrigel
Age 22 years old
Height N/A 
Patrick Helrigel’s Net worthN/A 


Brooke Tuozzo is the 23-year-old female drummer for the rock band Arcy Drive. She is a graduate with a major in communications at Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Science. Other than music, she has a passion for film production. Moreover, she performs with two bands; one affiliated with the school and the other with Arcy Drive. Brooke also works as the secretary of the Pace Music Group. In addition, Brooke is known to be a drummer in the epic series ‘bridge and Tunnel.’ On Arcy Drive‘s official Instagram page, Brooke is introduced as an ‘Italian stallion with the heart of a lion. A bit of a fox, but a golden lab.’

Social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook

NameBrooke Tuozzo
Age 23 years old
Height N/A 
Brooke Tuozzo’s Net worthN/A 

Arcy Drive’s Net Worth 2023

Arcy Drive’s net worth is not mentioned on any social media platform. But their merch store and dynamic band setup confirm that they are still working hard and doing their level best to achieve success.

Arcy Drive new update 2022

Arcy Drive’s newest updates are their new album, new merch, and the summer tour. The band is currently involved in a summer tour where they occasionally practice their music.

Moreover, they are willing to play at any place or time according to their requirements. They had renovated an old school bus into a tour bus where they could carry all their supplies. They released the albums Roll My Stone2022, Attic Sessions2022, Smoke & Fire (Live)2022, and River (Live)2022.

Arcy Drive new update 2023

Arcy Drive’s newest updates are the new album They Don’t Dance 2023 •They shared their latest updates on YouTube and created an interactive map where their fans could spot their location. 

Moreover, they have opened up a merch store where 100% of their sales are going directly towards buying a bus, including a new summer tour t-shirt. Moreover, they have mentioned that they have released their first album last spring. Click here, to go through their merch store and new updates. They have organized various tours for the current year.

Story of Arcy Drive’s

Arcy Drive is an Indie rock band inspired by attic arts, making their genre specific and unique. Their creations are merely based on the ‘attic rock’ genre, which they define as a warm, nostalgic, and scratchy sound stream.

The most exciting part is the story behind the band Arcy Drive. Nick, Austin, Pat, and Brooke are four close friends from childhood who had a hidden passion for music. Their band was a complete coincidence since they mentioned that the idea of the band was uprooted just over a mindless conversation between Nick and Adam about their passion for music.

Accordingly, Nick and Adam gave life to their dream while appointing Brooke as their drummer. Brooke was a girl drummer, which initially seemed unconventional. However, ultimately with their bass player, their band was a pretty complete setup that made them a fully equipped rock band. 

Moreover, the band’s name was a tribute to the street where they conducted their first performance, the backyard shed in Brooke’s “Arcy Drive.” The band members initiated , “We call ourselves a shed-rock band because that’s the roots- at Arcy Drive.

Arcy Drive music videos

Arcy Drive has released several albums

  • Roll My Stone2022 • Album.
  • Attic Sessions2022 • Album.
  • They Don’t Dance 2023 • Album.
  • Smoke & Fire (Live)2022 • Album.
  • River (Live)2022 • Album.

‘Role My Stone’ is their very first track that enhances their unique genreattic rock, as mentioned before. This song is a mixture of feelings that promotes a sense of nostalgia. Even though it was their first release, the song went viral on social media, especially on TikTok. Click here to listen to their first attic rock song.






Who are members of Arcy Drive?

Nick Mateyunas: The vocalist and the rhythm guitar player
Brooke Tuozzo: The female drummer
Austin Jones:   The lead guitarist 
Patrick Helrigel:  The bassist and the harmonicist

Where is Arcy Drive from?

Northport, New York

What genre is Arcy Drive?

Arcy Drive is a Indie/pop band

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