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The Backseat Lovers Members Age | Story of Band

The Backseat Lovers is a young Indie-rock band from Heber City and Sandy in Utah. The Backseat Lovers Members are 22 years old Joshua Harmon, 22 years old Jonas Swanson, 23 years old KJ Ward, and 23 years old Juice Welch.

Name The Backseat Lovers
Started dateJune 2018.
MembersJoshua Harmon -22, Jonas Swanson-22, KJ Ward-23, and Juice Welch-23
Albums‘When We Were Friends’, ‘Waiting to Spill’
Net worth The Backseat Lovers have an average of 4.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The starting range to book the whole band is around $15 000 to $24 000. However, their net worth is not available. 

Members of the Backseat Lovers

Joshua Harmon

Joshua Harmon is an American Citizen who was born in 2001. He is a 22-year-old Youngman and a rockstar for his age and is the Lead vocalist/ Guitarist of the Backseat Lovers. The band was initially an idea of Joshua which was eventually brought to success. Joshua Harmon is renowned throughout social media including on Instagram and YouTube for his masterpiece Kilby Girl, which was released with the Backseat Lovers’ very first album ‘When We Were Friends. As aforementioned Josh is also a lead guitarist and his guitar type is a ‘Fender American Ultra Telecaster’.

Jonas Swanson

Jonas Swanson is a 22-year-old who was born in 2001 and is the lead guitarist and vocalist of The Backseat Lovers Band. He is also a social media figure who is well known for the masterpiece Pool House (When We Were Friends 2019) specially on Instagram and YouTube. As a lead guitarist, the guitar he uses is a Sienna Sunburst Colorway. 

KJ Ward

KJ Ward is a 23-year-old red-headed Youngman who is currently working with the Backseat Lovers. He is the bass guitarist of the Backseat Lovers. He is not only a bass guitarist but also a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. KJ Ward is well known for his unique ability to portray Indi-rock and folk within his productions. Moreover, he is a renowned figure all around social media including on Instagram and Facebook.

Juice Welch

Juice Welch is a 23-year-old drummer and the background vocalist of The Backseat Lovers music band. The whole band including him rose in popularity after their song ‘Kilby Girl” (When We Were Friends 2019)’ went viral all-around social media, especially on TikTok. It’s obvious that he is a microcosmic legend of a drummer since his beat was on the spot for the entire band to be in rhythm. 

Who are the Backseat Lovers?

As aforementioned, the Backseat Lovers is a young indie-rock band from Heber City and Sandy in Utah. They were only four high school boys in Salt Lake City, Utah when they started their journey. They are a 21st-century quartet band that produces a blend of all Indie, rock, folk, and pop, a mixture of genres.

As mentioned before, the band consists of four members; the lead vocalist and guitarist: Joshua Harmon, lead guitarist, and vocalist: Jonas Swanson, bass guitarist: KJ Ward, and the drummer and background vocalist: Juice Welch

The Backseat Lovers, the band was a complete coincidence since it started with a twist of an incident back in 2018. The band started with Joshua and the local drummer Juice Welch after Josh introduced himself to Juice and spit out the idea of starting a band. Later Joshua met with their lead guitarist Jonas and eventually Ward. Accordingly, they paved a successful path, and currently, they are well known as the Indie-rock quartet, The Backseat Lovers.


This music band is now well known on social media, mainly due to their hit Kilby Girl which went viral around TikTok that was released in 2019. The band’s fan base is gradually increasing which has increased up to 4.4 million average monthly listeners on Spotify. Stay tuned to the entire article to know more wholesome facts about The Backseat Lovers.

The Backseat Lovers Music Albums

When We Were Friends 2019

  • Kilby Girl 
  • Intuition
  • Pool House 
  • Maple Syrup 
  • Watch Your Mouth 
  • Sinking ship 
  • Davy Crochet 
  • Dugout 
  • Olivia

Live from the Troubadour 2021

  • Just a Boy
  • Still a Friend 
  • Heavy
  • Pictures 
  • Intro 
  • Elevator Days 2018
  • Address your Letters 
  • Out of Tune 
  • Elevator Days 


  • Growing/ Dying (2022) 
  • Snowbank Blues 
  • Morning in the Aves 
  • Slowing Down 
  • Viciously lonely 
  • Know Your Name 
  • Close Your Eyes 

The Backseat Lovers’ new update 2023

Backseat Lovers had mentioned that When We Were Friends was our first attempt at making an album”, and it was their very first album that made them quite popular on social media. Further, they mentioned, “Waiting to Spill really feels like a continuation, the next chapter of our lives”

Sure, it is the next chapter of their life since it is the second album that was recently released by the Backseat Lovers. Their sophomore album is released featuring the single “Growing/Dying” their first new music video in over two years. It was promoted on the 28th of October 2022 via Capitol Records. It is available in digital 180g vinyl and CD formats. Their digital versions are available in their online store. 


How old is Josh Harmon from the Backseat Lovers?

Josh Harmon is born in 2001 and he is a 22-year-old.

Are the Backseat Lovers still together?

Yes, they are still together and they released their new album, their second album after two years recently on the 28th of October 2022.

What was the Backseat Lover’s first song?

Maple Syrup

What genre is the Backseat Lovers?

They produce a blend of all Indie, rock, folk, and pop, a mixture of genres.

Why was The Backseat Lovers canceled?

The band was not canceled but some of their shows were postponed due to COVID-19. (The debut North American tour)

How many monthly listeners do the backseat lovers have?

They have reached over 4.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

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