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8 Tips for Hiring the Best limousine service Philadelphia For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is not complete without transportation. Which car type should you lease? How long will you need them? Is it the best way to spend your day?

It’s important to create a transportation plan in advance so everyone can get there at the right time. Renting a limousine can be a great way to ensure that the happy couple has a memorable day.

The following tips can help you choose the best stretch limo service for your event. These tips will help you get the best deal possible to arrive on time.

1. A timeline of your wedding day

1. A timeline of your wedding day

You will need a timeline to plan your wedding. Consider where you’ll be staying, how long, and when. Every factor affects your transportation plan.
Do you require transportation to a hairdresser for makeup and hair? Where can you take photographs of your bridal party?

How far is the wedding venue from you? Is there a reception in the same area or at a different place?

Consult your vendors for assistance in estimating the time needed to take photos or makeup. To be prepared for unexpected delays or last-minute situations, you can add additional time to your schedule.

Reserve your limo at least 6 months in advance of your wedding. Reserve your transportation in advance if you have a wedding near the prom season or on holiday.

Renting is more popular during certain seasons. Do not delay in booking to ensure you get the vehicle you want.

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2. Budget considerations

Budget considerations

Most limousine rental companies charge hourly. The minimum rental period for limousines is usually 3 or 4 hours.

The rental car transports the groom and bride to the ceremony for three hours together in separate cars. The couple is then taken together to their reception.

If you hire a limousine, you pay for the time you aren’t in the vehicle. Your limo must be available during your ceremony and reception. You have to pay for it to remain on-call.

You can have limo service at the reception. The driver will wait while you wait.

Ask about discounts. Many hotels work with transportation companies. A certain number of hotel rooms can be booked to receive a discount on limos.

Limo companies often offer complimentary transfers to the honeymoon airport for the day after your wedding.

You can also book a large vehicle to reduce transportation costs. A bus or van can be used to transport the wedding party and their guests between venues.

You can save time by only picking one pickup and dropoff point.

3. Referrals. Reviews. Research

Referrals. Reviews. Research

Ask friends and family to refer you. Always check online reviews.
You should ensure that the service has both a license and insurance. Check out the safety record.

These are some questions that you should ask any limousine driver:

  • What year is the vehicle?
  • Is there an additional gratuity?
  • What is the cancellation procedure?
  • Do you offer packages?
  • Are there any extras (champagne and decorations, snacks, etc.) included?

Before deciding on a company, it is important to get multiple quotes. Ask to view the limousine in person. You can test the air conditioning at Summer weddings.

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4. Before you sign a contract.

Before you sign a contract.

Before signing anything, be sure to read the whole agreement. It should detail every aspect of the contract.

  • Hourly or Overtime Rates
  • Deadline for deposits
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Vehicle Type and Color
  • Pickup and Dropoff Locations and Times
  • Gratuity Policy
  • Verification for License and Insurance

Talk to your limo service about the details. Ask questions, read the fine print, and make sure to understand it all.

Do not forget to check with your company about discounts and additional fees.

While a reliable service might seem more expensive, it is less. They are cheaper because they include most of the fees and amenities.

5. Keep the Groomsmen and Bridal Party on the Agenda

Keep the Groomsmen and Bridal Party on the Agenda

A limo ride provides a wonderful bonding opportunity for the bridal party and groomsmen. The limo ride ensures that everyone arrives on the same day.

By renting a vehicle that transports everyone, you can worry about attendants being late.

Stretch limousines are ideal for group transportation. It is important to ensure that you have the right people available for you when you are in need.

6. Get Creative

Get Creative, Hiring the Best limousine service Philadelphia For Your Wedding

Your everyday car is not the best choice for a bride. It’s a special occasion that demands the elegance of a limousine. The limousine will make your whole party look and feel great arriving.

The newlyweds can unwind and toast the occasion after the ceremony. Many newlyweds use limos as part of their photoshoot.

If you don’t like the limo, go for something else. A gorgeous car, SUV, or party bus for the bride and groom.

Hire his car to surprise him at the ceremony. To transport guests who have drunk too much at the reception, you can hire a Limo to drive.

7. Consider a Shuttle Service for Guests

Consider a Shuttle Service for Guests, Hiring the Best limousine service Philadelphia For Your Wedding

Is your wedding located far from hotels or in remote areas? Is it in the heart of a busy area? Are the wedding and reception venues nearby?

It is smart to consider transportation for guests and the bridal party. A shuttle can be rented for those who have difficulty getting to the wedding. Traveling together can be fun, and it keeps everyone safer.

8. Snacks and Beverages

Snacks and Beverages, Hiring the Best limousine service Philadelphia For Your Wedding

Ask all potential limo hire companies about food or beverages. You should know upfront what is allowed.
Some companies offer beverages at an additional fee. Others recommend that you drop off your drinks ahead of time. They freeze the drinks and store the limo.

If you assume the company will provide food, it could mean that they cannot cater for your big day.
The wedding couple often becomes too busy during the reception to eat. It is a good idea to prepare snacks for the limo, or even a full meal, so they can enjoy their journey. They’ll arrive at reception ready to socialize, pose for photos, and be happy to oblige.

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