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This article will explain how to load a black powder pistol

  • The black powder revolvers are loaded just like all other revolvers are loaded. Whether an old black powder revolver or a typical gun powder revolver, you must follow the same path. Before loading the gun, you must make sure the gun is clean and functional.
  • Dissembling is the first step. You must remove the built-up grime first. His may vary from one manufacturer to another. Therefore, you must find certain instructions as well.
  • You must clean all parts of the disabled gun using a cotton swab. You must put the cylinder chambers downwards so the water may drain. You may oil the gun if needed too.
  • You must Point the muzzle up and put the correct measure of black powder. Then you must apply a buttered patch across the muzzle and keep a ball in the middle. You must press it using your thumb finger. Next, you must enter butter bullets into the cartridge and close it.
  • Remember to eject the spent cartridge, as you can use it after refilling.

Now you know the way!

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