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How to reset playnite?

Among the problems a playnite user may encounter, the rest of playnite is crucial. This small guide will help you to understand what playnite is and How to reset playnite.

What is playnite?

Playnite is an open-source gaming library from which you can make possible gaming dreams you have. After setting up an emulator via the library, you will be able to automatically import several well-known emulators along with their properties. The most important thing about Playnite is you may use it as a portable media as well.

Other than that, there is a forum, FAQs, Addons, news, and plenty of things you may enjoy as a gamer.

how to rest playnite

How to reset playnite

You must proceed to the playnite directory and then delete the config.json. You will be able to find it in C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Playnite. This is the best way to reset the settings, and all your configured settings will be dilated by this action.

It is important to remember that the reinstallation of playnite will be an option. But, you must remember that it is an effort-taking option.

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