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How to get rid of the hollow arrow on iPhone?

One of the most hated things about iPhones is their hollow arrow. If you see an arrow on your phone, then you will need to turn it off. This is how to do that.

Why do I see a hollow arrow on iPhone?

You must know that the privacy, as well as the safety of your iPhone, is indestructible. The surveillance of your iPhone is higher than any other Smart device in the world. The hollow or the grey arrow is a part of that, and it says that one of your apps is under location surveillance.

How to get rid of the hollow arrow on iPhone

As the first step, you must open the settings app on your device. Then you must swipe down the screen and locate the privacy down the menu. The first setting you get to see on the privacy setting is location. You must tap on that.

As the next step, you must tap on System Services from the list and turn off the toggle for Status Bar Icon. Now you are done, and you will not be able to see a hollow location app icon or an arrow icon. 

Kalana Dhananjaya
Kalana Dhananjaya
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