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How to find ps4 serial number in settings?

When you contact the PlayStation for a specific need, it is essential that you have the serial number with you. The packaging is the best place to look at, as it contains your PS4’s serial number. But who knows where the PS4 packaging which you purchased a few months ago. That is why you should know how to find ps4 serial number in settings. This small guide will help you to do that and a couple of things.

How to find ps4 serial number in settings

The serial number of PS4 is located underneath the top lip and on the opposite side of the system ports. You will see a number that consists of 11 characters.

How can I identify the serial number and the model number of my PS4?

Although you see it already, you might not know what precisely the serial number and the model number are. The serial number comes with 11 characters. When it comes to the model number, it starts with CUH and then four numbers, followed by a letter again.

Where is the model number located on my PS4?

The Model number is located at the bottom of the chassis. 

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