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How To Clean A Crystal Pipe

You must have referred to the crystal pipes to smoke the weeds as the best solution. Among the problems related to crystal pipes, the difficulty in cleaning is crucial. These tips will explain how to clean a crystal pipe.

  • Soap and warm water are the most used method. You must add a few dish soap drops into a bowl with warm water. In the slightly soapy water, you have to move the crystal pipe through the soapy water a few times. A small brush will do the perfection.
  • The next step involves boiling, which makes you remove the filter. You must use a stovetop to boil water. Then, you can put the crystal pipe into eh stovetop. You may use a cotton swap to sweep the pipe.
  • As the next method, you have to keep warm water in a bowl. You have to add f02 tablespoons of salt and mix thoroughly. Then you should do the crystal pipe for 20 minutes in the bowl. After taking it out, you can use a towel to dry the pipe.
  • You must not leave the filter inside the bowl when using boiling water at all. If you feel that the filter can’t bear the heat, you must remove the filter even in warm water.

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