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How much does Alexandra Fasulo make from Youtube?

Alexandra Fasulo is most known for her fiver content. She has over 160k followers on Instagram. Let’s find out how much she earns through her social media. Also, we have researched some quick facts about Alexandra Fasulo that might pique your interest.

How much does Alexandra Fasulo make from Youtube? 

Alexandra Fasulo earns around 20000 USD per month from her Youtube. She also earns around 1M USD  from Fiverr and also Sponsorships and other paid partnerships.

It is estimated that Alexandra Fasulo has an annual total income of  1.5 M USD. Also, Alexandra Fasulo has an estimated net worth of 1.5 – 5 M USD as of 2022.

Some quick facts about Alexandra Fasulo

Known asThe Freelance Fairy
Real nameAlexandra Fasulo
Age29 Years old (as of 2022)
BirthdayJanuary 20, 1993
Currently live inCape Coral, FL, United States
ProfessionFiverr professional 
How much does she charge for sponsorships?6000 USD
Net worth1.5 – 5 M USD (as of 2022)

Some of Alexandra Fasulo’s viral moments 


If I was to start freelancing all over again, here’s what I’d do today. It’s still an amazing time to get started with this! #moneytok #workfromhome

♬ Achilles Come Down – Gang of Youths

It’s the wedding vows gig for me 😂 #money #freelance

♬ Dream Fortress – Grimes

I am on a huge book kick right now if you couldn’t tell #booktok #book #read

♬ original sound – xxtristanxo

I’m just the messenger… people are making money on fiverr doing things you probably don’t know about! #freelance #money

♬ original sound – Joy

It all starts with a decision to make it happen. You’re the only person standing in your way! I went from $0 to $5k/month on fiverr in my first year. #freelancers #money #moneytok

♬ original sound – The Favourites.

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