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Former CEO of SVB, Gregory Becker Net worth & Salary 2023

Gregory Becker, the former chief executive officer (CEO) of Silicon Valley Bank, is estimated to have a net worth of 9.81 Million USD in 2023. Also, Gregory Becker received a salary of 9,922,132 USD as the former chief executive officer of SVB.

With over 29 years of experience in the financial industry, He is an accomplished executive with valuable expertise in his field. As the former chief executive officer of SVB, he plays a critical role in ensuring the bank’s efficient and seamless functioning. 

This article will explore Greg’s educational background, work experiences, net worth, and salary. Stay with the end of the article to know more about Him.

Full name Gregory Becker
Birthday 1967
Age (As of 2023)56
Nationality American
Wife NameMarilyn Bautista
Gregory Becker’s net worth as of 20239.81 Million USD
Shares Gregory Becker own from SVB92,552
Gregory Beckerexperience in SVB29 Years

Gregory Becker’s net worth 

As of 2023,Gregory Becker has 9.81 Million USD. As of 2023, He  has 92,552 shares in SVB.

Academic qualifications of Gregory Becker

Year Qualification University 
bachelor’s degree in financeKelley School of Business at Indiana University

Gregory Becker is a highly accomplished banking executive with an impressive track record of success. His educational background and work experiences have provided him with the necessary skills and expertise to lead California to continued success. Overall, He is a valuable asset to California and the banking industry as a whole.

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