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Caleb Simpson net worth | Man Who Sleeps on Stranger’s Bed

Caleb Simpson‘s net worth is 2.5 Million USD as of 2023. Have you ever wondered about how Celeb Simpson makes money from sleeping on strangers’ beds? With the 21st century being the platform for such new norms, some personalities try out new and unique practices. Caleb Simpson, out of all the influencers, is significant for his unique videos of trying out strangers’ beds. Caleb is a viral TikToker, YouTuber, and social media influencer who is well known for his absurd content. Stay tuned to the article to learn more about Caleb.

Caleb Simpson’s Net Worth 

Caleb Simpson’s primary income source is being a content creator. According to his youtube channel views, Caleb Simpson’s estimated net worth in 2023 is $2.5 million.

Caleb Simpson has 844,131,241 all-time views on Youtube and also his Instagram has 792k followers. His Tiktok reached 6.6 Million followers.

How did Caleb Simpson get viral from sleeping on strangers’ beds? 

As aforementioned, Caleb Simpson started his social media journey by sharing trivial TikTok challenges like “mentos in cola challenge”, “egg smash challenge” and so on. By the time he exposed his creativity as a photographer. Thus, he shared tips and tricks on photography in his videos. 

Sharing his passion as a traveler, Caleb Simpson then started featuring every corner of New York City. He started testing pizza places, which were requested by his fans or random strangers. Moreover, he started an apartment tour series in parallel with it. In these episodes, Caleb selects some random strangers and requests apartment tours while discussing their living conditions and costs.

Additionally, he tries out their beds and also requests random strangers for sleepovers. Accordingly, he became the Tik Tok star who sleeps on strangers’ beds.

$48 000 New York City apartment tour

Who is Caleb Simpson?

Caleb Simpson is a 31-year-old (born on September 15th, 1991) content creator who is natively from the United States. Caleb is also a TikToker and a YouTuber who promotes a series of positive content which includes various challenges, pizza commentary, and photography. Similarly, his most viral creation is his apartment tour series. Other than being a content creator, Caleb describes himself as an athlete and a traveler. 

Early life 

There’s no information available about Caleb’s parents or his early life. 

Marriage life 

Currently, Caleb Simpson is not married. However, there are some videos where his girlfriend has been featured. 


Caleb Simpson is a content creator in possession. He launched his TikTok account in August 2019 and has now reached a fanbase of 4.2 million. Caleb travels around the world, especially around New York City, investigating various topics. Some of his most famous creations are based on pizza eating and apartment tours

However, Caleb started his social media journey by posting typical challenge videos and continues to become famous and progressive by promoting his unique style. He also shared some association with other celebrities by featuring a video on TikTok, which is set to the Lukas Graham song “Mama Said,” in 2022.

Social Media

Currently, Caleb Simpson has over 319k followers on Instagram, 4.7 million followers on TikTok, and over 591k subscribers on YouTube. Caleb’s most viewed video on YouTube is a $48 000 New York City apartment tour, and it has reached over 36 million views, while his average view is commonly over 1 million


How old is Caleb Simpson?

31 years old in 2022. Born on 15th September 1991.

What is Caleb Simpson’s girlfriend’s name?

Caleb Simpson’s girlfriend’s name is not mentioned, but she is featured in his videos.
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