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Biography, Facts, and Life Story of Brittany Ashton Holmes

Brittany Ashton Holmes (born February 27, 1989) is an American actor born in California, U.S.A. She is best known for her role in the 2007 film version of Nancy Drew and as one of the regular cast members of the Disney Channel sitcom, Shake It Up. She is also recognized for her work in The Little Rascals, the 1994 film adaptation, as Darla, Death Benefit and Townslady Britt in Hate Paul Revere (TV Movie 2014).

NameBrittany Ashton Holmes
Full NameBrittany Ashton Holmes
Birth DateFebruary 27, 1989
Place of BirthCalifornia, United States
Height5’3″ Feet
Sun SignPisces
NationalityU. S. A.
Net Worth$67 Million
FatherNot Known
MotherNot known
Brother(s)Not Known
Sister(s)Not known

Early Life of Brittany Ashton Holmes

Brittany Ashton Holmes was born in California on February 27, 1989. She spent most of her early years in the Los Angeles area.

She attended high school in Southern California. Holmes lived in Los Angeles and studied political science at university. In addition, She was a very active youngster, as she needed to channel her energy somewhere, so she even enjoyed playing soccer with her school team.

In 1994, she began her performing career as a child actress, but she retired in 1996. She was in many movies, including The Little Rascals with Kevin Jamal woods, Cynthia Coates in Death Benefit (TV Movie 1996), and Humanoids from the Deep.

She was always caught in a cute conversation with a lovely smile, which pleased the audience. But to the dismay of many parents, she could not keep up with her school work, so she moved back in with her family.

She also appeared on Shake It Up as CeCe’s friends Rocky Blue and Zendaya Coleman, who plays CeCe Jones on the show.

Career life of Brittany Ashton Holmes

Holmes began her career at an early age when she began modeling at age 3 and won a young artist award. When she was 5, she appeared on Barney & Friends as Bridget. In 2007, Holmes broke into film with a role in Nancy Drew and starred in You Again. Brittany is also best known for playing the zany CeCe Jones on Shake It Up!

She was on camera from a young age, possibly without fully comprehending the success she was having, no doubt owing to her background.

Starting in 1996, Brittany was featured in “Inhumanoid,” as Amy Carver a Showtime program produced by Roger Corman that follows a family of three as they journey through space and discover the remains of a spaceship with one survivor.

Holmes acted as an alien princess who discovered her father’s killer. The following year, Brittany was cast as young Darla in The Little Rascals‘ acclaimed family feature. She also played a feisty member of the gang and was known for her shenanigans with MatthewStymie” Beard (Jordan-Claire Green). Before she quit acting, her last film role was in the critically-acclaimed film, You Again.

She has had some voiceover work as well. She appeared on Gotta Kick it Up! for two episodes over three years. She also appeared on the show Figure It Out in 1998 during its third season and was a contestant named Brittany, who guessed that a “piece of lint” was a type of fungus.


Brittany continued her acting career when she played Maddy in Blended alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Holmes also had a re-occurring role on the hit Disney show Good Luck Charlie in 2012 and Townslady Britt in Hate Paul Revere (TV Movie 2014). So far, she has been featured in more than twenty films and television series, including Shake It Up and Just Jordan.

Brittany has established herself as a talented actress with many credits. She has worked on countless shows but seems content with the number of projects she is involved in, as this allows her to be selective with her roles and make sure she gives each one her all. Outside of work, Brittany has been very active with various charities.

In her time off, she likes to spend time with friends and family, enjoys all types of music (especially pop), loves to dance, watch movies, runs on the beach (she is an avid surfer), plays sports (basketball is her favorite), read fashion magazines, go shopping for designer shoes and purses, she is a self-proclaimed shoe-a-holic!

Brittany likes to write poetry in her spare time, and she even had a poem published when she was in the 7th grade. In addition to being an actress and poet, Brittany has been involved with various charities.

Some organizations that have benefitted from her time and generosity include The Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, ASPCA, and the Red Cross.

Personal Life

Here is a glimpse of his personal life. She has grown into a stunning adult woman. Many people have been interested in her love life despite her best intentions. On the other hand, Brittany Ashton Holmes has not been linked to anyone since her debut in 2012. She may be single and more focused on achieving big goals in her future and won a lot of young artist award.

Net Worth

Brittany Ashton Holmes has a net worth of approximately $67 million. She has earned most of her wealth from acting career, but she has also made some money from royalties and endorsements. Her net worth is sure to increase in the future as she continues to pursue a successful career path.

Brittany Ashton Holmes is a talented and versatile actress with many credits. She was able to earn a large amount of money for her breakthrough film, The Little Rascals, and this assisted her in growing her wealth to astronomical levels.

The Brittany Ashton Holmes story is interesting as she achieved success without really trying. Despite this, Brittany continues to work hard on various projects as she makes sure to give them her all. She is also active in multiple charity organizations close to her heart. Brittany’s future looks bright, and she may become one of the greatest child stars because she continues to achieve success without trying too hard.

Brittany Ashton Holmes Today

Brittany has not been seen in public since attending a cast photo shoot with her former co-stars several years ago. There is no apparent social media presence for her. She’s said to be living in Los Angeles with her husband and studying political science, according to reports.

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