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Arryn Skelly | Man who feeds Steven the Seagull (Birthday, Age, wiki, Net worth)

Arryn Skelly is 24 years old. He was born in the United Kingdom on the 10th of July,1998. Arryn Skelly’s net worth is 1.5 Million USD, as of 2023. His pet is Steven the Seagull. He enjoys giving food like Tuna, Sardines, Lobster, Caviar, and banana to the seagulls. Other than feeding, he is involved in teaching some tricks. He is also skilled in playing the skateboard. He has another pet dog named Koda.

Name Arryn Skelly
Age 24
BirthdayJuly 10, 1998
Relationship N/A
Joined date2020
Arryn Skelly’s Net worth1.5 million

Arryn Skelly’s net worth 

There aren’t any details about Arryn Skelly’s net worth on the internet. But from his youtube channel, we can assume his networth. According to his two main youtube channels, he must have 1 million USD, but youtube is not only social media he is famous. With these details, we can assume his net worth is 1.5 million.


Who is Steven the Seagull?

Steven the Seagull is a European Herring gull native to the United Kingdom (U.K). Because Steven’s age is kept a secret, we can say it may be between 10-20 years old by only assuming

@arrynskelly Day 1 – He seems kinda hostile, scared for my fingers but i think he likes me and i like him 🦢 #fyp #foryoupage #birds #animals #dayone #series ♬ original sound – arrynskelly

How Arryn Skelly became famous from Steven the Seagull?

This bird began to be along near Arryn Skelly’s window. He created youtube channels and TikTok videos documenting the relationship with Steven the Seagull. 

In 2021, he started this by making his first TikTok video, “Day 1- He appears really hostile, frightened for my fingers, but I think he likes me, and I like him.” After that, he made a series of TikTok videos: “Feeding my pet seagull to gain his trust.” His 40th-day TikTok video became viral with over 1 million views. He succeeded in gaining its trust by feeding after many days. In his videos, he feeds the Seagull with sea bass, oven-baked cheese thins, organic rice, salmon, octopus, tuna snacks, salads, banana smoothies, etc.

 They are cleaning the bird’s place, watching the sunset with Steven, going shopping for him, watching movies with him, letting his girlfriend feed Seagull, celebrating Christmas with him, surprising him with gifts, etc. 

his viral video

@arrynskelly Day 40 of feeding my pet seagull & we already hit 1 million followers 🥺 Me and steven are so excited to keep building our friendship 💛 #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – arrynskelly

Arryn says that Steven loves his belly rubs. He has bought an expensive camera to film him too. Besides, he shares a video, “how to catch a fish for your pet seagull.” The video “my pet seagull watches me on the toilet” is slightly funny. Also, he brings a video of a day with 1000 seagulls. After Steven’s migration, Arryn was heartbroken.

Additionally, he teaches the seagulls to press a button and trains them to use an iPad. Arryn brings videos of Steven’s nestings too. They are egg hatching, feeding babies, choosing names for babies with Steven, and baby seagulls flying for the first time.

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Arryn Skelly’s social media life

Arryn Skelly is the owner of ‘Feeding Steven,‘ ‘Steven’s Onlyfeathers,’, Arryn & Koda’,  and ‘Arryn Skelly. His main youtube channel, among the channels including feeding seagulls, is ‘Feeding Steven.’ Besides, the 

channel comprises his skateboard playing and skate tricks. The ‘Arryn and Koda channel is made up of videos with adventures and puppy training. Arryn Skelly’s Instagram account has mentioned himself as the ‘proud father of the world’s strongest seagull.’ 

‘Feeding Steven’ has 1.2 million subscribers and 311 videos. Arryn and Steven got the gold youtube play button for it. In Instagram, ‘Feeding Steven” has 1046 followers and 265 posts. Additionally ‘Arryn Skelly has 72.6k subscribers and 146 videos. In instagram it has 19.3k followers and 411 posts. Also ‘Steven Onlyfeathers‘ has 238k subscribers and 49 videos, ‘Arryn & Koda has 13k subscribers and 5 videos, ‘And Feeding Steven en Espanol’ has 1.22k subscribers and 1 video. By now, he is a famous youtube and Tiktok Star. Arryn Skelly’s fans on Instagram have posted their creations like beautiful drawings of seagulls, seagull lampshades, etc. by tagging him. 

Arryn Skelly

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Arryn Skelly’s Most viral TikTok videos

@arrynskelly Feeding my pet seagull to gain his trust – stevens cheeky morning banana… has turned into a full addiction 🥺 hes so cheeky #fyp #foryou #seagull ♬ original sound – arrynskelly
@arrynskelly Day 165 of feeding my pet seagull – Stevens babies are already getting soo big!! they’ll be flying over in no time 🥺 #fyp #foryou #seagull #birds ♬ original sound – arrynskelly
@arrynskelly Feeding my pet seagull to gain his trust… Another one steven? He’s going to have so many babies this year 🥺 #fyp #foryou #seagull ♬ original sound – arrynskelly
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