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Why is Sean Coffey leaving WBRE? | New Journey to ABC11 News as Reporter

Sean Coffey was a news anchor at WBRE/WYOU on their Eyewitness News program. After a successful three years, why is Sean Coffey leaving WBRE? Sources say Sean Coffey has availed of a new opportunity in North Carolina as a WTVD ABC11 Eyewitness News reporter. 

Sean Coffey joined as a reporter to WBRE/WYOU and was then given the opportunity to be the morning news anchor and later featured in the afternoon news. So the question is Why actually he is leaving? Let’s find out about his career as a journalist and the reasons behind his leaving.

Reasons behind Sean Coffey leaving WBRE 

Sean Coffey has worked at WBRE since 2020 and recently decided to move on to ABC11, where he would be the anchor on their Eyewitness News program. North Carolina is considerably larger in size and population than Pennsylvania so that he would be catering to a wider audience.

“Thrilled to be living and working in the Triangle – where he’s back in the world of amazing BBQ – and can’t wait to explore everything the area has to offer”.

Sean Coffey

Sean Coffey’s Journey in Journalism 

In 2017, Sean Coffey received his bachelor’s degree in English and literature from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. He nurtured an interest in journalism and served as the host of the campus athletics broadcast. Later, on had several internships at the New York Daily News, Spectrum News NY1, and SportsNet New York.

After graduation, he began his professional career at Morgan Murphy Media umbrella in 2018 as a reporter. And sports anchor covering the 2019 World Series and high school football events before moving to Pennsylvania to work at WBRE.

Sean Coffey covered two Presidential rallies, the 2020 election, snowstorms, and the Little League World Series. The pandemic was a transition period for Sean, where he narrowed his focus from sports to news and began working full-time as a news reporter and anchor.

Sean Coffey’s New Journey in ABC11 

Sean was excited about his new opportunity at WTVD ABC11 as a reporter in their Eyewitness News program. He felt thrilled about moving to North Carolina, situated in the ‘Triangle,’. Sean knew that his new job in the Triangle would allow him to explore a wider and more interesting scope.


March 2023 featured a significant move for Sean Coffey as he left his three-year-long stint at WBRE. In his new role at ABC11 News, we can expect to see more insight into the interests and talents of the reporter as the channel is known for its left-center bias in reporting. As a larger and more populated area, North Carolina has great things waiting for Sean in the future. 


What happened to Sean Coffee from Wbre News?

Sean Coffey left WBRE News in February 2023 to join ABC11 as a reporter in their Eyewitness News program.

Who is leaving the WBRE news anchor?

Sean Coffey, News anchor for WBRE morning and afternoon news programs has made a move out of WBRE Pennsylvania and moved to North Carolina to work at ABC11 news.

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