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Kadence Clover Hawk | Tony Hawk’s Dauter (Bio, wiki, Net Worth)

The daughter of a famous entertainer and athleteborn Anthony Frank Hawk(Tony Hawk) is named Kadence Clover Hawk. He is an American professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and owner of the skateboard company Birdhouse who has appeared in films, other media, and his own television series.

Full NameKadence Clover Hawk
Date of BirthJune 30, 2008
Place of BirthLa Jolla, California
Country NameUnited States of America
Mother NameLhotse Hawk
Father NameTony Hawk
Zodiac SignCancer
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Net Worth$140 million

Early Life of Kadence Clover Hawk

Tony Hawk’s daughter was born on June 30, 2008, in California. She was brought up in La Jolla, California, United States. Her mother’s name is (Nee Merriam) Lhotse Hawk. She is well-known for her efforts on Peak Experience (2003), which she produced. She’s also worked on ESPN International Winter Sports (2002) and ESPN X-Games (1994). Kadence was born under the zodiac sign of cancer. She is devoted, hardworking, and compassionate like her zodiac sign. She is an American citizen.

Kadence Clover (Tony Hawk’s daughter) has five siblings. Spencer Hawk, better known by his stage name “Gupi,” is an American electronic musician and half-brother of Kadence Hawk.

Her step-brothers are Miles Goodman and Calvin Goodman. Kadence is a half-sister of Keegan Hawks. Keegan Hawk and Kadence share the same father, making them siblings. A professional skateboarder (Keegan Hawk) is Kadence’s half-brother. He is also a businessman who owns a steel mill coffee shop in Oceanside.

Physical Stats

Tony Hawk’s daughter has medium brown hair and fair skin with brown eyes, like her mother’s blond hair She has an oval face, dark attractive eyes, and a nice smile. In informal clothes, she appears lovely.

Tony hawk with his daughter

How is the Father-daughter relationship?

A special friendship exists between Tony Hawk and Kadence Clover. They’re frequently observed having a good time together. On his Instagram account, Hawk keeps capturing a gorgeous moment with his daughter, which goes viral every time. He also shares lovely photographs of her daughter with a sweet phrase that sends fans wild. Four-year-old Valeria Hawk was photographed skating with her father Tony Hawk without a helmet and the picture went viral. She appeared to be frightened of falling from the skateboard and didn’t have a safety kit on.

Because of this, his critics called him out for putting his daughter’s life in danger. Hawk mocked them back by stating, “for those who claim I endanger my kid: it’s more likely that you’ll fall on the sidewalk than I will while skating with her.”

Kadence Hawk in the 2019 video appeared nervous yet courageous while skateboarding, and she showed great talent. That video went viral, bringing her into the limelight as a celebrity daughter. Fans were delighted to witness Kadence Clover (Tony Hawk’s daughter) overcoming her fear in the film. It was an uplifting moment for both spectators and Kadence.

“My daughter overcoming her fear in real-time (wait for it). I might have been more nervous than she was,” wrote Tony Hawk. Fans felt that she is down to earth and still in skateboarding development. That film had 2 million or more views on Instagram. Kadence Clover Hawk makes frequent public appearances alongside her father Tony Hawk.

Social media

There is no social media handle for Kadence Clover (Tony Hawk’s daughter). She may start her account at any moment, and it will be full of skateboarding abilities that will keep her fans and followers enthralled. She is a talented young woman who has amassed a large following due to her father Tony Hawk backing. Kadence father Tony, has 7.3 million Instagram followers.

Kadence Clover Hawk

Kadence Clover Hawk Net Worth

She currently has no money. Her parents’ income is what she relies on. From his company and skateboarder, Tony Hawk’s net worth is around $140 million. Ex Wife Lhotse Merriam has a substantial amount of money in the bank and works with several firms, which is why she’s such a rich lady.

Kadence Clover Hawk has a lot of talent and is a hard-working individual. Her father should be proud to have such a talented young woman by his side!

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kadence clover hawk birthday?

June 30, 2008

kadence clover hawk age?

14 years

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