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What Is Marketing? The Basics of Marketing Explained for Beginners

In this article, you’ll learn what marketing is, and why it’s so important for your company’s success.
If you work for a company and have no idea what marketing is, you’re not alone. Many people have a vague idea of the word, but not much more than that.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of creating and maintaining demand for a product or company. You can think of it as the engine that drives a company’s sales efforts. Without a sustained marketing effort, a company may struggle to reach new customers and grow its business.

For example, a restaurant may identify a customer by using social media to follow their preferences, creating menus that target their interests, and holding special events that get customers talking about the brand.

After the customer is identified, the team would create desire by incorporating deals and incentives to create the desire for a product that the customer already wants to purchase. After the customer is convinced to buy the product, they may be “gifted” with positive reviews and feedback to reinforce their decision to buy.

Why Is Marketing Important?

In today’s digital world, companies must constantly market their products and services to create demand and make sales. However, many companies do not know what marketing is or how to do it correctly.

This leads to a dearth of demand for products and services, which creates a competitive market where only a few companies can succeed.

Marketing plays a significant role in every aspect of the business. It helps a company identify its target audience and understand what motivates them to buy. It also shows the company how it can meet those needs and buy from them.

Different Types of Marketing

There are many different types of marketing, but most fall under one of the three core marketing strategies:

Awareness Marketing:

This is the promotion that attempts to create awareness of a product in the market. It includes advertising and marketing efforts, like creating a comprehensive website with user-friendly features, creating social media posts that include photos, and adding the company information to online directories.

Interest Marketing:

Interest marketing is the promotion that creates a desire in your target customers by targeting their needs and desires. It includes advertising and marketing efforts, like creating marketing campaigns with compelling images and offers, adding deals to get customers to purchase, and creating an online shopping experience that customers enjoy.

Desire Marketing:

Desire marketing creates a sense of urgency and pulls buyers towards the promotional activities that convince them to purchase. It includes the actual sales process, like sending an email or making a phone call that removes any doubts the customer may have about making a purchase, and the follow-up after the sale, like sending regular emails that remind the customer how much they enjoy their product, and how it helped their business.

The 3 Most Important Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Company

Now that you know a little more about marketing, here are the three most important strategies: – Target your customers: You can’t market to customers you don’t know. Try to identify who you want to market to and what motivates them to buy.

Market to your customers:

Give them reasons to keep coming back to your business.

Grow your business:

Your marketing efforts won’t drive growth if they’re isolated to just one company. Companies typically use a combination of marketing strategies and tactics to reach their target audience and drive sales.

4p’s of marketing

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the 4p’s of marketing.


Before you launch your product, you need to make sure it’s worth investing in. Because you’re marketing your invention to the world, it should be of high quality, useful, and fun for customers.


The price you charge for your product and the way you sell it are key elements of marketing your product. Pick a price that’s fair, but also makes sense for your business.


Promotion is the process of sharing information about your product and company. It includes everything from posting ads on social media to placing an ad in a local magazine.


The place you advertise in is just as important as the promotion itself. You want to choose an environment that your customers are likely to see and interact with.

3 Core Principles of Marketing

Now let’s take a closer look at the three core marketing principles:

  • Understand your customers as well as you understand your products.
  • Appeal to your customers’ senses to create a more memorable experience.
  • You should have a well-thought-out sales and marketing plan that includes every aspect of your marketing strategy.

Final Words

Marketing is the process of creating and maintaining demand for a product or company. In order to do this, you must make sure that the people who are interested in your product know about it.
You can do this through a variety of marketing strategies. One of the most effective ways to market your product is through email marketing. If you want to learn more about marketing and employ the strategies of marketing in your business to lead the industry check out WikiSuggest’s marketing category.

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